Kansas Senate Seat Moving Blue After GOP Governor RUINED State Economy (DETAILS)


Kansas State Rep. Mary Pilcher-Cook is one of the most conservative voices in the Kansans state Senate. Her strong stance on everything from LGBT rights to sex-ed has earned criticism even from members of her own party, who removed her from the Committee of Health and Human Services. Now, despite being in a relatively safe seat, Pilcher-Cook is facing strong opposition from Democratic challenger Vicki Hiatt.

The Public Policy Institute released a poll showing that Hiatt is leading her opponent by three points. Hiatt has a long history in public education and specializes in working with children with special needs.

Hiatt’s potential victory appear to have less to do with her, though there’s certainly no evidence that she is disliked, and more to do with how absurd Pilcher-Cook is. For instance, she once pushed a bill that would criminalize teaching sex-ed in school, comparing it to distributing porn to minors. Conservatives have long been proponents of abstinence only education despite the evidence that such methods do not work.

However, Pilcher-Cook has taken this already extreme stance one step farther. During a debate on the Senate floor, she went so far as to compare birth control to eugenics programs.

‘These long-acting contraceptions are being recommended by HHS (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to target the poor and minority populations. And in the ’30s and ’40s, our country firmly and finally rejected eugenics. Let’s not bring it back.’

That’s probably enough to convince you that this woman needs to go, but, in case it’s not, we have more. The ultra-conservative senator once supported a bill that would require doctors to report miscarriages to the state Health Department. Pilcher-Cook, like most Republicans, is staunchly anti-choice and this bill was simply a step on the road to outlawing abortion.

It’s not just abortion that has made Pilcher-Cook a darling of the Tea Party. She’s also firmly against the LGBT community. Despite Kansas having a high number of foster children, this supposed “pro-life” conservative tired to ban gay couples from becoming foster parents. Apparently “small government” conservatives would rather keep children in orphanages than attempt to find them loving homes.

This is just a single poll, but things are looking good for those who are sick Pilcher-Cook’s extremist agenda impeding Kansas’s progress.

Featured image via Daily Kos.