CNN Panel ERUPTS After Spokesperson Compares Trump To Martin Luther King Jr. (DETAILS)


Kayleigh McEnany, a conservative columnist, appeared on a CNN panel this week to attempt to defend Donald Trump’s obscene racism. And in the process, she “crashed and burned,” as you might say.

That much can be expected. What is most notable, however, is what — more specifically, who — the columnist compared Trump to in order to try and make her point.

McEnany compared Trump, the proud racist and leader of mobs of more proud racists, to the late African-American Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

The panel started out boringly predictable enough, with McEnany trying to explain away Trump’s connection to KKK leader David Duke with an only slightly grown-up version of “well, he said he was sorry!”

Making it even more cringe-inducing was the appearance of the grown-up version of the grade school line “she started it!” when McEnany pointed out that Hillary Clinton had, according to a photograph, hugged Robert Byrd, a KKK leader himself.

Evidently, in the Trump camp’s playbook, hugging a racist makes you a racist, too.

Trump’s campaign has long been noted to employ the reasoning of a toddler, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper put it some months ago, while the primary was still underway.

Things got more disturbing from there, however, after McEnany brought up the late Martin Luther King, Jr., and actually found it in herself to compare him to Donald Trump. This was something that Guy Cecil, who is a Democratic strategist and current head of a pro-Clinton Super PAC, was not about to let McEnany get away with.

McEnany started out by mentioning “black leaders” in the Republican Party who have gotten behind Trump, trying to somehow thus prove that he isn’t racist — after all, he talks to black people.

And then she mentioned the late Dr. King, to the visible scoffing of her fellow panelists.

Cecil then fired off at McEnany, saying:

‘I always enjoy when a Trump supporter wants to ignore his record and then quote Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King would not have kicked AfricanAmericans off of a casino floor because a gambler wanted him to. Martin Luther King would never have put a ‘C’ on the top of rental applications and prevented African Americans from renting from him.’

McEnany tried to reply, but it was no use. There is no way to defend the idiocy of comparing Donald Trump to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cecil, for his part, went on, saying:

‘Martin Luther King would not have sat on the stage and ridiculed and demeaned Muslims. He would not have insulted a Hispanic judge who was born in America who just happened to be of Mexican heritage.’

Trump’s minions, sent out to media networks across the nation to try and defend the man, are only becoming more and more desperate and making themselves and the candidate they represent look like fools in the process.

And voters, for their part, are no doubt taking notice, with the businessman turned presidential candidate looking at a well under 10 percent chance of a winning the presidency were the election to be held today.

Watch the CNN panel discussion below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.