JUST IN: Doctor Comes Forward With SERIOUS Questions About Trump’s ‘Fake’ Medical Note (VIDEO)


Dr. Jennifer Gunter recently joined neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta in questioning Donald Trump’s health. Gupta and Gunter have now both publicly questioned the letter Donald Trump presented from his personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein. The letter offers a clean bill of health for Trump; however, many are skeptical about the letter’s validity due to the way it is written.

The letter includes claims such as “Mr. Trump has had a recent complete medical examination that showed only positive results” and “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.”

While speaking to Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day,” Dr. Gunter made it clear that she particularly took issue with Dr. Bornstein’s claim that Trump’s examination showed only positive results. In the medical world, positive results are not something to be proud of.

‘Then there’s the fact that he says all of Mr. Trump’s results are positive — which, of course, would be a bad thing. When I tell someone they have gonorrhea, when they have a positive test for gonorrhea, they’re not happy about that. That’s not “astonishingly excellent.” ‘

Gunter also called into question the fact that Trump has revealed little about his health and fitness. One of the few instances in which he has discussed his health was in an interview with People Magazine, where Trump revealed that he had lost 15 pounds on the campaign trail. He cited entertaining the large crowds at his rallies as the reason for his weight loss.

Gunter wasn’t convinced by that reasoning, though, and asked why Trump had lost 15 pounds, especially when he talks about enjoying fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonalds. Gunter told Cuomo, “We don’t know why Donald Trump lost 15 pounds — he says he like to eat KFC a lot, so that’s a concern.” She added, “That’s really important, you can’t put a piece of medical information out there and not follow it up.”

Later in the segment, Gunter also questioned the legitimacy of the letter and the qualifications of Dr. Bornstein himself. She listed among her concerns “some issues about how his signature was” and the way he described the division in which he works.

Despite her concerns, Gunter denied being among those who think that Trump forged his own doctor’s note. She said that she was merely pointing out the fact that there are a lot of inaccuracies and Dr. Bornstein should explain why he wrote the letter in the way he did.

‘If that’s his letter and that’s how he writes, what’s the big deal about saying, “This is me, and gosh, I made a mistake in saying which section that doesn’t exist at Lenox Hospital that I thought I was in.” So I think there’s a lot of inconsistencies, and you have a document that’s this important — it should be accurate.’

Gunter finished her comments about the letter from Trump’s doctor by saying, “I want my health information to be accurate, I want the information I write about someone else to be accurate, and I guess we all wonder, if this part’s inaccurate, what else is inaccurate, too?”

Watch the interview between Cuomo and Gunter below, courtesy of New Day via Twitter.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.