JUST IN: Trump Tower CAUGHT Seeking To Hire Illegal Workers & Stiff Them On Pay (DETAILS)


Have you heard of Trump Tower? The answer, of course, is almost certainly. Trump Tower in New York is effectively the world headquarters of the Trump family’s massive network of global operations, including Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Donald descended in one of the sickeningly lavish elevators to make the announcement that he was running for president over a year ago.

There is one major aspect of Trump Tower that you have almost certainly not heard of, but it has been revealed this week by a Time Magazine investigation.

Prior to its construction decades ago, during the clearing of the site where Trump Tower now sits, Donald employed undocumented Polish workers whom he effectively refused to pay for their work.

Trump, as could be expected, has denied the allegations.

Trump can’t hide from documentation, however, and massive amounts of documents from that time decades ago when he did admit to illegally hiring undocumented workers and then refusing to pay them recently surfaced after being preserved by a federal judiciary storage facility in Missouri.

Back when the situation first unfolded, some of the Polish workers brought their case to New York lawyer John Szabo, who ended up in court with Trump over the dispute.

Trump, in turn, ended up getting responsibility for the missed wages put onto the foreman for the job, a certain William Kaszycki, who had moved away from New York while the demolition was underway.

Of course, Trump has ironically been one of, if not the most anti-immigrant presidential candidate to make it as far as he has in the quest for the presidency.

Trump virtually founded his campaign on the basis of anti-immigrant bigotry, promising to deport the over 11 million undocumented immigrants currently calling the United States home, and coupling that with a wall to be built on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Even more ironically, Trump recently made remarks that suggested that as president he might not actually be as hard on immigrants as he has said that he will be.

Time Magazine gives some context here, however, speaking of the day that Time contacted a Trump representative for comment about Trump’s usage of undocumented workers:

‘Later that day, as part of a political pivot designed to soften his image with minority and centrist voters, Trump told an interviewer he might reconsider the hard-line stance against undocumented immigrants that has been a centerpiece of his campaign.’

Thus, Donald Trump is shown yet again to be an opportunist. He made the seemingly soft on immigrants remarks because he wanted to seem to be one step ahead of the press. He does what gets him the most exposure and fame, be that spouting anti-immigrant bigotry or illegally employing workers for the construction of his buildings.

This opportunism, however, isn’t going to get him anywhere near the White House. All projections have him at a less than 10 percent chance of winning the presidency should the election be held today.

Daniel Sullivan, who Trump asked for help in dealing with the workers back when Trump was facing their fury over the missing wages, summed up the situation well for People magazine in 1990.

Sullivan told People, speaking of the situation behind Trump Tower in New York:

‘It was disgusting how he used people. I said, “Don’t exploit them like that. Don’t try to f-ck these poor souls over.” It baffled me then, and it makes me sick even now that he knowingly had these Poles there for the purpose of Trump Tower at starvation wages. He couldn’t give a sh-t because he’s Donald Trump and everybody is here to serve him. Over time he became more and more monstrous and arrogant. I asked myself, “How long is it going to take for all of this to catch up with him?” ‘

Featured Image is via Jonathan Bachman/ Getty Images.