MSNBC Hilariously Fact Checks Trump In Real Time With On Screen Scroll (VIDEO)


MSNBC deserves a serious round of applause.

Besides coming up so fast in ratings that The Rachel Maddow show is now competing with Fox News for the top spot among young adult viewers during prime time, this week the network delivered a seriously epic, real-time burn to Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

In New Hampshire on Thursday, the not-so-presidential presidential candidate growled to his audience of captivated followers that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was “in hiding” in the wake of the supposedly campaign-damning revelations that have come out this month related to Clinton.

He said, to the literally seething mob:

‘Now, as all of these revelations have been discovered, some this week, many this month, Hillary Clinton has been hiding, she’s been hiding. where is she? Although I hear, for the first time in a long time, she’ll be making some kind of quick statement sometime later tonight.’

That assertion, of course, immediately comes off as quite overly sensationalized, a characteristic that is so very often found in Trump’s remarks.

MSNBC’s response, however, was perfectly on point.

As Trump droned on to the murmuring crowd, MSNBC ran at the bottom of the screen the text that you can see in the screenshot below.


That’s right — immediately after Trump proudly pronounced that his Democratic challenger is “in hiding” because of the “revelations” that have lately come out, MSNBC ran the text: “Trump: Clinton is In Hiding (Speaking Next Hour)”.

The network thus securely shot down Trump’s latest outlandish and outright childish remark.

This isn’t the first time that a news network has done something like what MSNBC did on Thursday.

Back in June, CNN ran the chyron that you can see below, pointing out one of Trump’s many policy “flip- flops.”

boom bitch

Voters have long taken notice of Trump’s seeming inability to get his facts straight, and Americans do not want such a man to be president of the United States, a fact that is reflected crystal clearly in the polls and models, all of which combine to give Donald Trump a well under 10 percent chance of actually winning the presidency should the election be held today.

You can watch the full MSNBC segment, featuring tho oh-so-glorious chyron, below.

Featured Image via screenshot from the Video.