Mylan CEO Crashes & Burns LIVE On CNBC After ‘Trying’ To Explain EpiPen Price Hike (VIDEO)


Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals company, appeared on CNBC‘s Squawk Box this week to try and defend her jacking up of the prices for the popular and lifesaving drug the EpiPen.

The interview didn’t go well. Bresch went from dodging questions to blaming everyone but herself, the only person actually responsible for the price hike, one which has seen the EpiPen go up to a price of well over $600 over a period of several years.

The EpiPen is a literal pillar of some persons’ lives, and, in times of need, having one available is the difference between life and death. The device treats anaphylactic shock, a condition where an allergic reaction explodes out of control and completely closes the victim’s airways.

In these situations, there are only seconds available to inject the EpiPen’s contents through clothes into the victim’s body.

But, not everyone has access to this life saving drug anymore, because the price now sits well out of reach for many, many families- families which are just as likely to need the medicine as any others who may still be able to afford it.

And Bresch actually found it in herself to try and explain all of this away on CNBC this week, never once accepting responsibility for the fact that her toying with prices has put untold numbers of lives in lethal danger.

Bresch blamed insurance companies, claiming that the prices were levied onto consumers through some kind of conveniently improper practices.

She also spent a great deal of time simply ignoring the question of why the price had been made so very high at all, instead asserting that “nobody is more frustrated” than she is about the sky high prices.

If you are really so frustrated, Heather, here’s a simple solution- lower the price.

She’d never actually do that though, because all of her self righteous frustration easily falls at the feet of her sickeningly massive paycheck.

Sure, the higher prices make more money to put in Bresch’s pocket, and in the pockets of every other high ranking executive of Mylan Pharmaceuticals. But money isn’t the only thing that Bresch is dealing with in her production and distribution of life saving medicine.

Bresch holds people’s very lives in her hands while making decisions which, up until now, have been solely focused around money. And she doesn’t care.

Political leaders, including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and US Representative Elijah Cummings, continue to demand that the price be lowered.

Watch a clip of Bresch’s interview below.

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Featured Image via Bloomberg/ Getty Images.