Trump Has INSANE Public Meltdown After Hillary CRUSHES HIM During Speech (TWEETS)


Donald Trump’s campaign has been propelled by his support of the so-called “alt-right,” but the movement took center stage when Steve Bannon, editor of the right-wing Breitbart News, became Trump’s new campaign manager. On Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech criticizing her opponent for his ties to the fringes of the conservative movement. Trump, in turn, responded with a series of very hypocritical tweets.

This is a rather absurd response given that Trump has built his campaign on fear. During his announcement speech he preyed on fears by claiming that Mexican immigrants are all rapists and drug dealers. He has used the fear of terrorism as a rallying cry, claiming he is the only one who can keep the country safe. His acceptance speech was filled with cherry-picked crime statistics designed to make America seem like something out of Mad Max.

Despite what this tweet would have you believe, it’s actually Trump who is pandering to “the worst instincts in our society.” His talk of building border walls and decrying immigrants as violent criminals has earned him the support of white nationalists such as David Duke. A few months ago he famously tweeted an anti-Semitic image that originated on a Neo-Nazi website.

Trump has also indulged in bizarre and somewhat racists conspiracy theories. Prior to becoming the Republican nominee, Trump was in the news as a leader of the birther movement which alleges that President Obama was not born in the United States. He claims to have seen, though never produced, video evidence of thousands of New Jersey Muslims celebrating on 9/11. Just a few weeks ago, he claimed that President Obama was the founder of ISIS. When given the chance to clarify that statement, the GOP nominee doubled-down.

Even Trump’s own party isn’t immune from his attacks. During the primaries he accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the plot to kill JFK.

We won’t discuss Trump’s  claims regarding the African-American community simply because it isn’t our place to speak for them, but polls do show that Clinton has a substantial lead with African-American voters. We will say that, aside from directly addressing Trump’s comments regarding the African-American community, Clinton’s speech had little to do with race.

In short, Trump’s response to Clinton’s speech was his usual blend of projection, irrationality and hypocrisy.

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