BREAKING: Trump Campaign FLOORED After Speaking Fee Scandal Exposed, Shady Payments Galore


In the never ending saga of the seeming fiction that it the current presidential race, the Daily Caller has revealed something out of Donald Trump’s past that he probably wouldn’t want you to know.

The Republican presidential candidate collected well over a million dollars in speaking fees from a communications company that is one of the most infamous pyramid schemes in the United States.

And this is from the “standard bearer” for the camp that has hit Trump’s Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, with an endless stream of allegations of corruption over issues that have long since been proven as having no substance.

Trump and the GOP have curiously, however, stayed away from explicitly mentioning Clinton’s past collection of speaking fees, while opponents within Clinton’s own party have frenzied themselves over the fees.

Now, evidently, we can see why Trump wouldn’t want to talk about it – he has a past of his own.

The company that doled out to Trump the big money in return for his “motivational speeches” is ACN Inc., a “North Carolina-based multi-level marketing company.”

“Participants” in the company’s “independent contractor” program have the listed task of selling communications services to whomever they may be able to.

Reports about what the company actually does are far more disturbing, however. To be specific, according to some persons who are formerly affiliated with the company, the real point of ACN is to get new recruits to themselves sign up even more recruits.

Why? Because ACN charges a fee of well over $500 to sign up as a salesperson for the company, and once that money is paid it snakes its way up the pyramid that is ACN, Inc.

ACN has racked up literally hundreds upon hundreds of complaints with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau over the deceptive business practices employed by the company.

Trump, of course, had a response. The Daily Caller reported what Michael Cohen, the executive vice president of The Trump Organization, had to say:

‘Trump has no affiliation to the ACN Company except for once a year being highly compensated for a motivational speaking appearance.’

A few years ago, when a Southern California television news station tried to get some answers on the company’s seemingly nefarious business practices by walking into the office and asking some questions, security was called to remove the news crew and executives refused to answer any of the reporter’s inquiries.

The only persons the news station did successfully speak to were some of those who were formerly involved with the company. One such woman said that ACN “preys on the weak and desperate.”

And this company is the one found to have funneled well over a million dollars to Donald Trump, the man hoping to be elected President of the United States.

That Trump would be happily involved with such an entity is well known among voters who haven’t been brainwashed into the Trump camp.

These voters have already made their decision on the seriousness of the matter abundantly clear- most of America is united in not wanting Donald Trump to come any closer to the White House than he already has. Model after model gives Trump a well under 10 percent chance of winning the presidency, were the election to be held today.

Watch the Southern California news segment below.

Featured Image is via Darren McCollester / Stringer/ Getty Images.