BREAKING: Trump Campaign Head EXPOSED By Politico For Violent Criminal Past (POLICE REPORT)


When Donald Trump hired Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon as the Trump-Pence campaign’s CEO, did he know his new hire was once charged with domestic violence, battery, and dissuading a witness?

Politico got hold of a police report from January 1996 that described the unfortunate incident. Stephen Bannon’s then-wife called police after a fight over finances got physical.

‘On Jan. 1, 1996, according to the Santa Monica Police Department, police responded to Bannon’s home following a hangup during a 911 call.’

When the police arrived, Stephen Bannon’s then-wife (name redacted) answered the door and declared:

‘Oh, thank you, you are here. How did you know to come?’

According to the police report, it all started New Years Day. She’d gotten up to feed twin babies and he “got upset at her for making some noise.”

Around 8:15 a.m. Stephen Bannon got ready to leave the house. The former Mrs. Bannon asked him to leave her the American Express card so she could go grocery shopping, but he told her to write a check.

Stephen Bannon’s then-wife followed him out to the car as he prepared to drive away. She confronted him about “playing games with the money,” and he angrily replied it was “his money.” She told him she wanted a divorce and he should “find another place to live.”

When Stephen Bannon’s “laughed at her and said he would never move out,” she spat in his face. According to the police report:

‘He reached up to her, from the drivers seat of his car, and grabbed her left wrist […] as if he was trying to pull [her] into the car, over the door.’

But wait, the plot sickens. Stephen Bannon then “grabbed at [his then-wife’s] neck, also pulling her into the car.” She “started to fight back, striking at his face so he would let go of her.” When she finally broke free, she ran into the house and called 911. But before anyone answered, Stephen Bannon intervened.

‘When she got to the twins, Mr. Bannon jumped over her and the twins to grab the phone from her. Once he got the phone, he threw it across the room.’

In divorce papers obtained by the New York Post, the ex-wife later added:

‘I took the phone to call the police and he grabbed the phone away from me throwing it across the room, and breaking it as he [was] screaming that I was a “crazy f—ing c–t!,”‘

The ex-wife told police that after Stephen Bannon left the house, she “found the phone in several pieces and could not use it.” After police traced the address and came anyway, the officer wrote:

‘She complained of soreness to her neck I saw red marks on her left wrist and the right side of her neck. These were photographed by ID Tech Sena-Brown.’

Stephen Bannon’s ex-wife told police they’d married recently but had been together for over six years. Early in their relationship, “she said they [had] three or four arguments that became physical.” But over the past four years, they’d gone to counseling. She added that although they continued to argue, there had been no physical violence.

Stephen Bannon charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery, and dissuading a witness.

On Feb. 22, 1996, the Santa Monica D.A.’s office filed charges against Stephen Bannon for misdemeanor domestic violence, dissuading a witness, and battery. In March, Stephen Bannon was hauled into court and pleaded “not guilty” to all three charges. His former wife failed to appear and the charges were dropped.

So what’s up with the “dissuading a witness” charge? As it turns out, Stephen Bannon didn’t just smash the phone into pieces. The New York Post reports he told his then-wife to “skip town.” She wrote, “if I wasn’t in town they couldn’t serve me and I wouldn’t have to go to court.”

‘He also told me that if I went to court he and his attorney would make sure that I would be the one who was guilty. I was told that I could go anywhere in the world.’

She added that “because I was not present at the trial, the case was dismissed.” But wait, here comes the kicker. When she became pregnant, this loathsome excuse for a human being refused to marry her unless “the babies were normal.” Stephen Bannon’s former wife wrote in a document:

‘Bannon made it clear that he would not marry me just because I was pregnant. I was scheduled for an amniocentesis and was told by the respondent that if the babies were normal we would get married. After the test showed that the babies were normal the respondent sent over a prenuptial agreement for me to review.’

He didn’t marry her until three days before she gave birth to the twins. Stephen Bannon’s ex-wife also wrote he believed in corporal punishment. He once even (allegedly) spanked one of the girls because she wouldn’t stop banging her head against the crib.

Stephen Bannon’s wife had no comments for the Post and Stephen Bannon’s office assured reporters, “Steve has a great relationship with his ex-wife and his twins.”

Read: 1996 police report detailing the domestic violence incident with Stephen Bannon and his then-wife.

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