JUST IN: New Clinton Vs Trump FLORIDA Poll Results Show BIG Shift Over Past 2 Days (STATS)


A poll released Friday, conducted by Mason Dixon Polling and Research, is showing that Hillary Clinton is now leading Donald Trump by two points in Florida.

The poll shows that Clinton has 44 percent of the vote to Trump’s 42 percent. This is a bit of a shift, seeing that Trump was leading Clinton in the state in polls earlier this week. Unlike these results, there hasn’t been any significant change in poll results for the other two candidates. The poll shows Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, holding 6 percent, Green party candidate, Jill Stein, with only 2 percent, and another 6 percent are undecided.

Both of the major party candidates are still seen unfavorably by a large percentage of voters. The poll results show that only 35 percent see Clinton as favorable, while a whopping 45 percent have an unfavorable view. Trump has similar results, with 29 percent seeing him as favorable, and 52 percent seeing him unfavorably.

In the past weeks, Trump has made various failed attempts at winning over the Black population of voters, and it shows in all the poll results. He is trailing Clinton on the Black vote by an alarming number. Ninety-one percent of Black voters in this poll stated they would vote for Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump only has 5 percent supporting him.

Clinton is also leading Trump among women and other minority voters. Fifty-one percent of women support Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump has 37 percent. Among Hispanic voters, Clinton has 63 percent of their support, with 27 percent backing Trump.

While Clinton holds the lead over Trump in women and minority votes, Trump has an astounding lead in support from non-Hispanic white voters. Fifty-four percent of them support Trump as opposed to only 29 percent supporting Clinton. Trump also has a lead in votes among men, who support him with 47 percent and Clinton with 36 percent.

Independent or unaffiliated voters also show a bit more support for Trump, with 44 over 30 percent of their votes likely going to Trump.

A Real Clear Politics average shows that Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in Florida by almost four points.

This poll was conducted between Aug. 22 through Aug. 24 among 625 registered Florida voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus four points.

Featured Image: Getty Images