JUST IN: Powerful Anti-Gay Conservative Leader Arrested For Child Molestation (DETAILS)


A pastor operating a web of churches in the North Florida/ South Georgia region has been arrested on multiple counts of child molestation.

Pastor Ken Adkins, the man under investigation, isn’t just any church leader, however. For years, Adkins has made a name for himself as a virulent bigot against those who weren’t of his conservative Christian mindset.

A local television news host described Adkins as “a fixture here in local politics for years” who is “often making polarizing statements about race, sexual identity, and more.”

A fellow host of the news program discussing Adkins agreed, saying that “To say Ken Adkins has been a controversial local figure would be putting it mildly.”

She cited a disturbing recent episode when the pastor made obscene edits to a photo of one of the political leaders local to Jacksonville and circulated them on social media, in some kind of sick opposition to the city’s plan to increase protection of the human rights of gays in the Jacksonville community.

Most recently, Adkins came under intense scrutiny for tweeting after the massacre at the Orlando Pulse nightclub that the victims, as homosexuals, “got what they deserved.”

The pastor’s Twitter account is currently set to private, but the cover photo can still be clearly seen, and it proclaims a clear- and telling- message.

It reads, in font and style set to match the candidate’s campaign materials, “Congratulations Donald Trump [for clinching the] Republican nomination!”

And this hate toting, Trump supporting Pastor has been hiding something the whole time – he’s also a child rapist.

Read the Police Department’s press release covering the arrest embedded in the tweet below.

Authorities have been conducting an investigation into Adkins since early this month, and on Friday he turned himself in, without incident.

Conservatives who parade themselves as inherently better than anyone who disagrees with them are the ones most often found to be guilty of such crimes.

Watch the Action News Jax report on the arrest below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.