LA Times Releases UNPRECEDENTED Op-Ed TRASHING Donald Trump: He’s A Bigoted ‘5-Year-Old’


Donald Trump’s campaign is imploding. And Friday’s scathing op-ed in the influential Los Angeles Times isn’t helping matters.

It’s bad enough that he claims Mexicans can’t be fair judges, that Muslim-Americans need to be “tagged,”  and that blacks should vote for him because “what the Hell do you have to lose?” It’s bad enough that he got caught hiring undocumented workers and stiffing them on their pay. Oh, and his campaign’s CEO got exposed for past domestic violence and busted for felony voter fraud.

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton released a damning attack with white supremacists explaining why they support Donald Trump.

The Donald’s response? He accused Hillary Clinton of hating African-Americans and called her a bigot in an unhinged tirade.

That evening, Hillary Clinton eviscerated Donald Trump, then closed in for the kill with a massive truth bomb. “He is taking hate groups mainstream,” she declared.

His response?

David Horsey from the L.A. Times has had enough from Donald Trump.

David Horsey, an L.A. Times columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his editorial cartoons, has had quite enough of Agent Orange’s shenanigans. In an op-ed piece that ran on Friday, he rips Donald Trump up one side and down the other.

‘Donald Trump has said many crazy things, some quite entertaining, many wildly fantastical and incendiary. Now he may have outdone himself with his charge that Hillary Clinton is a bigot.’

There’s plenty for folks on both the right and the left to dislike about the Democratic candidate, but calling her a “bigot” is way over the top. Plus, the pot has no business calling the kettle black.

‘Even people who oppose Clinton and loathe her political views — maybe even those who believe that she is corrupt and think she should be “locked up” — would have a hard time agreeing that she is a bigot. Perhaps Trump does not know what the word actually means. Given his record and the company he keeps, he should.’

David Horsey then reminds us that while Richard Nixon’s Justice Dept. was suing Donald Trump and his dad back in the 1970s for refusing to rent apartments to black people, Hillary Clinton was “going undercover in Alabama to expose discrimination against black children” in segregated schools. Yet Trump lied about the lawsuit and how it was settled to put his family in a better light.

But back to the GOP candidate’s unhinged response to Hillary Clinton’s valid accusations of his stoking racial resentments on the campaign trail. David Horsey flat-out accuses Donald Trump of acting like a five-year-old – a deranged, racist five-year-old.

‘Trump could have responded in many ways to this onslaught, but he chose to take the approach of a 5-year-old who has been called a name and simply shouts the same name back — “I’m not a bigot, you’re a bigot!”.

Horsey aptly points out, “it is no surprise that Trump is annoyed.” Although the U.S. has plenty of mean, racist white people, we thankfully don’t have enough of them to win the White House for Mein Trumpf. Alas, his “outreach” to minority voters comes too little, too late. And now the Donald is about to join the legions of losers he says he hates.

‘Trump knows what he has to lose: an election. His support is abysmal among African Americans and Latinos, worse than any past Republican presidential nominee. According to polls, most of those people think he is a racist. There are simply not enough angry white voters to make up for his deficit with the minority electorate. And, with Clinton playing the race card, he needed to respond if he wants to preserve any hope of shifting perceptions his way.’

Because, really, calling Hillary Clinton a bigot is the last damned straw.

‘That’s a tactic that assumes blacks and Latinos do not know what a real bigot is. Bad assumption, Mr. Trump. They know. They know too well.’

Buh-bye, Donald Trump.

Featured image: John Moore via Getty Images (with tears added).