Trump Goes ‘Deer In Headlights During CNN Interview, Has Full Brain Malfunction LIVE (VIDEO)


This week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught up with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to try and give the candidate an opportunity to explain some of his seemingly contradictory remarks about what exactly a Trump presidency’s immigration policy would look like.

After spending over a year building up a presidential campaign on the sickening premise of building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico and deporting the over 11 million undocumented persons currently living in the US, Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity this on Tuesday:

‘And there certainly can be a softening, because we’re certainly not looking to hurt people, we have some great people in this country.’

This comes from the man who has the only variance at his rallies as who he’ll decide to ridicule that day.

Naturally, observers of this, Trump’s latest “flip-flop,” were curious as to what the man really thinks- if, that is, he even knows.

Cooper thus met with the Republican presidential nominee at a Thursday rally in New Hampshire- the same rally whose live coverage saw CNBC plaster a headline across the bottom of the screen which burned one of Trump’s most wild statements in real time.

Trump’s interview with Cooper didn’t go much better for the candidate than the real time fact checking from CNBC that came during his speech.

Trump stumbled repeatedly and, as could be said to be characteristic, never really gave a straight answer as to why he all of a sudden supported a “softening” of his immigration policies.

Cooper began innocently enough, considering the nonsense that Trump was about to spew.

The CNN host asked Trump:

‘One of the big things you talked about during the primaries… eleven million undocumented immigrants in this country: they gotta go… They’ll be a door in the wall, the good ones can come back in. It’s gonna be done humanely, you said. There’s gonna be a deportation force. That no longer — it seems, there’s been some contradictory statement lately, but is that your policy?’

Trump didn’t ever quite actually give an answer.

The candidate began, saying “I don’t know who told you that but let me just tell you my policy.”

Yes, Donald, that would, in fact, be on point to share your policy since that’s what Cooper asked about.

He went on.

‘We’re gonna build a great wall. The wall is going to be paid for by Mexico. People are not going to be able to tunnel because we’re gonna have tunnel technology. We’re going to have all sorts of things… there’s going to be a real wall.’

“A great wall.” “Tunnel technology.” “All sorts of things.”

Cooper was just as confused as to what on earth any of this meant as any rational observer would be, and he tried to ask for some clarification- but he never got any.

The rest of the interview was just as bad. Trump talked about getting the “bad dudes out”- over and over again he mentioned that, as a matter of fact.

Watch the video below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.