MSNBC Torches Trump Supporter LIVE On AIR, Video Goes Viral In Seconds (VIDEO)


Joy Reid is the hero of the week for cutting down a Donald Trump apologist trying to peddle a pile of steaming nonsense on her Saturday morning show, MSNBC’s AM Joy. During a discussion of Trump’s “alt-right” followers, guest Alfonso Aguilar tried to insinuate that Planned Parenthood was a racist organization. Reid was having none of it.

Although her show is normally laid-back weekend fare, and Reid is one of the more accommodating hosts on the left-leaning network, it was made patently obvious that Reid suffers no fools.

Reid asked Aguilar about the many endorsements Trump has received from racist and white supremacists, and how Trump expected to convince people of color to vote for him.

Aguilar told Reid that Trump has no idea what the alt-right movement is, calling them a fringe group. Reid correctly reminded her guest that Trump’s new campaign CEO, Steve Bannon of Breitbart is a part of the alt-right movement himself, calling the website a “cesspool of alt-right hate speech.” Aguilar responded:

‘Donald Trump is the candidate. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about the alt-right movement. Donald Trump is not a racist. If you’re going to play that same game, then we have to challenge Hillary Clinton, for example, when she says that she is an admirer of Margaret Sanger, for example, the founder of Planned Parenthood, an avowed eugenicist who believed that people of color and the unborn were undesirables. Is she going to distance herself?’

Reid shut Aguilar down fast, pointing out that Bannon and Sanger cannot be compared:

‘With all due respect, Margaret Sanger is dead and is not running the Hillary Clinton campaign. We’re talking about a living person, actively associated.’

Reid then put the question to the panel, asking the other guests if they thought it was possible for Trump to hire someone actively participating in the alt-right movement and not be associated with the alt-right movement. One panelist, Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, pointed out that racism was a part of Trump’s campaign long before Bannon was hired. Another panelist, Andrew Weinstein, former aide to Republicans Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich, said that it was “crazy to say that Donald Trump doesn’t know this is going on.”

When Reid reminded Aguilar that Donald Trump has repeatedly retweeted white nationalists, he attempted to reiterate that Trump simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Joy Reid: He does control his own Twitter account, and he is retweeting white nationalists. Which, if you’re following them, and they’re somehow in the stream of your social media…

Alfonso Aguilar: I think I could argue that is a double standard. Margaret Sanger…

Joy Reid: That is not a double standard. You’re mentioning a dead person…

Alfonso Aguilar: Planned Parenthood…

Joy Reid: Planned Parenthood is not a eugenicist organization. I think that is incredibly offensive…

Alfonso Aguilar: Fifty-two percent of all abortions are performed on Latino and African-American…

Joy Reid: Good gracious. OK, I think that smear on Planned Parenthood cannot go forward, we are not going to continue with that line of questioning.

Reid simply refused to let Aguilar continue with his “incredibly offensive” insinuation that Planned Parenthood was racist, and his opinion remained unsolicited for the rest of the show.

Kudos to Joy Reid for refusing to let falsehoods take part in the discussion.

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