NY Times Reveals DAMNING Account Of Trump’s Housing Discrimination History (DETAILS)


Donald Trump has recently been on a campaign to convince voters, especially minority voters, that his opponent is the bigot and that Trump wants to help them. Polls show that the GOP presidential candidate is currently in fourth place with voters of color, behind Clinton, Johnson, and Stein, so his minority outreach efforts are detrimental to his chances of securing the vote for the presidency.

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However, the New York Times unpacks the truth: that Donald Trump has a long history of racial discrimination in housing, and the paper trail and firsthand accounts now coming to the surface while the country faces the possibility of a Trump presidency prove that.

Donald Trump and his father were sued by the US Justice Department in 1973 for discriminating against tenants of color. Trump called the accusations “absolutely ridiculous.” The New York Times describes Trump’s reaction as similar to those the public sees from him now, during his candidacy:

‘Looking back, Mr. Trump’s response to the lawsuit can be seen as presaging his handling of subsequent challenges, in business and in politics. Rather than quietly trying to settle — as another New York developer had done a couple of years earlier — he turned it into a protracted battle, complete with angry denials, character assassination, charges that the government was trying to force him to rent to “welfare recipients” and a $100 million countersuit accusing the Justice Department of defamation.’

Trump later claimed victory after settling the lawsuit since the “the consent decree he ultimately signed did not include an admission of guilt.” The New York Times, however, reviewed court documents and records from New York City Commission on Human Rights, and records from the Justice Department as well as interviewing former tenants, lawyers, and civil rights activists from the time period, and they say there’s enough proof of guilt written all over the information they’ve uncovered.

Stories from tenants like Maxine Brown, who was a 33-year-old nurse and who filled out a “beautiful application” but was denied housing on the basis of her skin color spell out, with certified and original documents as backup evidence, who exactly has a record of bigotry in the current presidential race. The article is well-sourced and worth a full read, and it’s also devastating to the Trump campaign.

For a CNN segment on Trump’s housing discrimination history, see video below:

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