Chrissy Teigen Becomes INSTANT Hero After DISMANTLING Katrina Pierson On Twitter (TWEET)


Katrina Pierson, the spokeswoman of color for the Donald Trump campaign, confounds many with her defense of Trump’s worst, most racist and offensive statements.

For instance, Pierson defended Trump when he insisted that the judge who was ruling on his Trump University scam case couldn’t possibly be unbiased due to his Mexican heritage.

Pierson also called for a “purebreed” president and defended her statements during a segment on CNN.

Pierson has waded in deeper and deeper throughout the election, often defending Trump’s statements in odd and bizarre ways. Apparently, model Chrissy Teigan has had about enough of it.

Teigen has spoken out on Twitter about Donald Trump in the past, calling him out for hiring staff members who grossly misspell Trump’s offensive tweets.

Teigen didn’t stop at one tweet, however. She called out Pierson a second time, ridiculing her while calling her an “inspiration.”

Teigen even went so far as to tweet Pierson a clip from “The Office,” in which Craig Robinson, an actor of color who plays a character named Darryl Philbin, tells Steve Carrell’s character that he’s a “brave man” and calls him “Braveheart.”

‘I mean, it takes courage just to be you, to get out of bed every single day knowing full well you gotta be you.’

It was the perfect dig.

Pierson responded in perfect Trump fashion: treat every dig and failure as a compliment and victory.

What Katrina Pierson does is neither popular nor right. She supports a man who uses her gender and race and exploits them to boost his own image, all while fueling the fires of racism among his predominantly white supporters.

How does she sleep at night?

Featured image via Getty Images/Ryan Miller