Head GOP Grifter Reince Priebus Goes On Sunday Talk Show & Is Put On Blast (VIDEO)


Reince Priebus appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday and was grilled on Donald Trump and his unreleased tax returns, and he probably wishes now that he hadn’t gone on the show at all.

When talk turned to Trump’s latest attack on the Clinton Foundation and the alleged “pay for play” scandal Trump insists is evident in the records for the organization, Todd questioned Trump’s right to use the scandal against his opponent considering that he still refuses to release his own tax returns. Individual tax returns are private by law, but every single modern presidential candidate has released his or hers, including Hillary Clinton and Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence.

Trump, however, still refuses to do so, prompting Chuck Todd to ask tough questions of Reince Priebus.

‘One final question when it comes to the issue of the Clinton Foundation and tax returns. I want to ask it this way. Donald Trump’s been hitting hard on the Clinton Foundation and saying all sorts of behind the scenes, pay for play allegations. Does he have — does it undercut his message if he won’t release his tax returns? Would he have some higher ground, be on higher ground here, when criticizing Clinton’s finances if we saw his tax returns?’

Priebus brushed off the question.

‘No, I don’t think so.’

Chuck Todd was not going to let him go that easily, though. He continued to press for an answer, mentioning that avid Trump supporter (and outrageously racist) Roger Stone has even pressed Trump to release them.

Priebus toed the party line and continued to back his candidate while insisting that the pay-for-play scandal, which is likely to go the route of Benghazi and email server scandals, is the real deal this time, a real scandal for the ages.

‘We know she can’t be trusted. Are you equating that the known conclusion that she can’t be trusted with state secrets to what could be in Donald Trump’s taxes?’

Chuck Todd then scaled the issue down to its roots, taking Priebus to school on why presidential candidates release tax returns in the first place.

‘We’ve had a history of every major nominee releasing their tax returns, Reince. Every major presidential nominee. And by the way, he is a private businessman whose companies may or may not benefit from him being president. That’s something voters should want to know.’

That’s exactly the issue at hand. How does Trump insist that Hillary Clinton has hidden scandals that she’s spent her entire career covering when he won’t even be transparent about his own businesses?

What is he hiding?

See the full segment below:


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