JUST IN: Fox News Sunday Tells GOP To Shove It, Calls Out Trump’s Lies LIVE On Air (VIDEO)


When Fox News anchors are calling out Donald Trump for making up statistics in his speeches, it’s probably time for his campaign to rethink their entire strategy for winning in the next couple months. Anchor Chris Wallace had some questions about Donald Trump’s statistics on African Americans that campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had a hard time honestly answering.

On the show Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Kellyanne Conway spoke with Mr. Wallace about several of the issues Donald Trump is having during his race to the White House. One of his concerns was with the fact that he is having a very hard time getting African American voters on his side. During the interview, he showed a clip of Trump at a rally talking about African Americans. He then asked Ms. Conway to explain why Trump blatantly lied about some of the statistics he gave.

‘…that totally misrepresents what Blacks face in this country. Trump says Black youth unemployment is 58 percent. It’s actually 19 percent. Twenty-six percent of Blacks live in poverty. That’s not good. But the vast majority do not. How can Trump address the problem when he doesn’t seem to understand what it really is?’

Conway responded with the typical runaround to the actual question. She explained that to her understanding, the 58 percent referred to the number of African American youth who were not working. She the shifted her statement to the fact that they were going out to the African American community to talk with them about various other concerns.

So, basically, Kellyanne Conway responded to his question by repeating what he said, then changing the subject to reflect the idea that Trump is trying to do something to get the African American voters on his side. She claimed that she and Donald Trump sat with African Americans earlier in the week and had a round table discussion with them, and during that time Mr. Trump did all the listening.

Because, as we all know, Trump is so concerned about the problems in Black neighborhoods.

Mr Wallace even pointed out the fact in the past 14 months, Mr. Trump has not once held an event for a largely Black audience. She claimed that she was not surprised about that, but she assured him and anyone else watching that Donald Trump is going to do what he said and get all of the African American voters on his side.

With even Fox News anchors fact checking his blatant lies, it may be about time for Trump to wrap it up and get ready for that vacation he’s going on if he doesn’t win.

Here is a video of the full interview:



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