Bill Maher And Michael Moore Raid Donald Trump’s Plane To Steal His Tax Returns (IMAGES)


Bill Maher and Michael Moore, two of Trump’s most famous detractors, went to a Mets game together yesterday. When they realized they were only a short distance away from Trump’s private jet, the two began forming a plan, which they shared on social media.

The two turned Trump’s “birtherism” nonsense around on him, insisting that Trump was not born in the United States, but in Germany, where Hitler built Nazi labor camps for his targeted victims. Their devious plans did not end there, though.

The two were delighted to discover that they were sitting very close to Donald Trump’s private jet, and then the hilarity began.

What evil plan could these two devise together? 

That’s right. The two decided that, since Trump surely keeps those tax returns with him every second, guarding them with his life to avoid showing them to the public, they must be kept on Trump’s jet.

While Trump rages from the political stage about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation being less than transparent, and even called for Clinton’s medical records to be released because his latest rant is that Clinton is too ill to serve as president, Trump has yet to release his tax returns despite the fact that every single presidential candidate in modern history has released his or hers.

That includes Hillary Clinton, who also released her full medical records a year ago.

So what is Trump hiding? No one is sure at this point, but Moore and Maher are on the case!

Featured image via Instagram by michaelfmoore