BREAKING: NY Post Exposes Trump Campaign CEO For Illegal Firing Of The Disabled (DETAILS)


A more than a ten year old lawsuit just surfaced which sheds disturbing light on the man Donald Trump now has as campaign CEO.

The New York Post reports that Steve Bannon, Breitbart CEO and new figurehead of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, was sued in 2005 for allegedly firing an employee who suffered from multiple sclerosis while she was on maternity leave.

The lawsuit reads in part:

‘Julia Panely-Pacetti, a new mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was terminated by defendants from her position as head of public relations and corporate marketing because of her sex and her disability.’

Bannon settled the lawsuit months after it was first filed. The terms under which the lawsuit was settled are not publicly available.

Bannon’s defense was that Panely-Pacetti, who worked for American Vantage Companies, a business management consulting firm, and apparently reported directly to Bannon, wasn’t the only person who had their employment terminated. Rather, the woman’s predicament came in the midst of a company wide reshuffling that left many others out of work as well.

There is no word, however, on whether the terms under which the lawsuit was settled included Bannon admitting to any sort of improper behavior in having Panely-Pacetti fired, or if, as is common among certain circles, the controversy was simply settled with a big dose of hush money.

Trump himself has long been fond of such hush money schemes. Maybe that’s why Trump picked Bannon for the top slot of his campaign- Trump has a certain affinity for Bannon’s corruption.

Considering the other things that Bannon has been slapped with accusations over, it isn’t far-fetched. Since being put in the public spotlight of being the CEO for one of the major party presidential campaigns, sickening revelation after sickening revelation has come out about the Breitbart CEO.

Some of what has been revealed is personal, and some is simply ridiculous, like the revelation that Bannon had some years ago termed the Republican leadership “c*nts.” Most of the leadership termed such by Bannon is still around- leadership that Bannon, as Trump’s campaign head, is supposed to be cozy with.

In other words, the chances for Trump to pull off an upset victory in November, one which would require the wholehearted backing of the entire Republican Party, especially the leadership, didn’t get any better with Bannon’s hiring.

A simple Google search for “Steve Bannon” reveals some of the more serious charges against the longtime leader of the “alt right.”

The latest allegation is that Bannon “made anti-Semitic remarks,” according to the Breitbart CEO’s ex-wife.

Remember, this man, apparently fond of “making anti-Semitic remarks,” is the one responsible for the face of the campaign which still has a chance of putting Donald Trump into office. The chance of Bannon’s ideology and behavior making its way into the White House through a Trump presidency is slim, but real.

That’s not all though. Bannon has also been accused of being a domestic abuser, victimizing the woman, Mary Louise Piccard, who is now his ex-wife.

Voters are far from unaware of all of this, with Trump, the man Bannon represents, corruption and all, sitting at a less than 10 percent chance of winning the election were it to be held today.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from Fox News video.