JUST IN: CNN Caught Altering Live Broadcast To Help One Presidential Candidate, OUTRAGE Erupts!


CNN made an intriguing move with one of Donald Trump’s tweets this week, editing out the word “Crooked” before Hillary Clinton’s name in a live television broadcast discussing Trump’s call for Clinton to release her medical records.

Medical records are just one sparring topic for the candidates so far this election season, with both camps exchanging insinuations that the opposing candidate is somehow medically unfit for the office.

Trump’s only defense in that regard is a highly questionable and possibly fabricated doctor’s note proclaiming that the candidate would be the “healthiest person ever elected” to the presidency should he win- without any information to back up that claim.

A similar war of words has also long been underway over each candidate’s respective tax returns- or, in Trump’s case, the effective lack thereof, since the candidate has refused to publicly release them.

A screenshot of how Trump’s tweet asserting that Clinton release her medical records originally appeared on CNN’s broadcast is below.

trump-cnn JUST IN: CNN Caught Altering Live Broadcast To Help One Presidential Candidate, OUTRAGE Erupts! Donald Trump Social Media Top Stories

The businessman turned presidential candidate’s actual tweet is featured below.

Trump uses the phrase “Crooked Hillary” as his nickname for his Democratic challenger, one of many nicknames he has coined throughout this election cycle.

CNN’s deletion of the phrase from its broadcast proclaims a clear message: Trump is a fool who doesn’t even have a place in polite conversation. It’s not as though Americans need to by and large be worried. After all, Trump has a well under 10 percent chance of winning the presidency, were the election to be held today. Candidates with less than 10 percent chances to win don’t magically win.

The alt-right, those radical right wing nationalists who have seized upon Trump’s campaign as an opportunity to come out of the shadows, freaked out at CNN’s editing.

Fox News, longtime refuge for right wing political conspiracy nuts, plastered up the headline “BIAS ALERT: CNN Scrubs ‘Crooked’ From Trump Tweet.” And yes, they really used all those capital letters.

Maybe capital letters makes CNN seem scary? Who knows. All that is certain is that at the slightest hint of intolerance on the part of CNN for the racist, sexist, alt-right propaganda that Donald Trump shoots out of his mouth on the daily, Trump’s minions freaked out.

What CNN did, however, was make a powerful statement with their editing of Trump’s tweet. Trump’s almost unbelievable bigotry, as shown in his refusal to even use his opponent’s proper name, has absolutely no place whatsoever in the discussion of civilized America.

Featured Image is via Stephen Maturen / Stringer/ Getty Images.