Trump Insults Hillary’s ‘Brainpower’ On Twitter, Immediately Misspells Word & Has Grammar Error


Donald Trump really needs to have his Twitter account taken away until this presidential campaign is finished. It is hard to imagine, considering the team of so-called “experts” that surround him, all the “best people,” that no one has figured this out yet.

Reporters have pondered the question of whether or not Donald Trump even writes his own tweets, which means that someone in his campaign is approving what he says and then tweeting them full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Either Trump is writing the ridiculous mess he puts out on Twitter or he’s hired some of the dumbest campaign staff ever.

In a tweet this morning, Donald Trump decided to hurl some more Twitter insults, a tactic he is oddly attached to, and sent out this message insulting Hillary Clinton’s intelligence.

2016-08-29-12_08_21-Trump-Attacks-Clinton%E2%80%99s-Brainpower-in-Tweet-Makes-Major-Typo-in-the-Process-_-M Trump Insults Hillary's 'Brainpower' On Twitter, Immediately Misspells Word & Has Grammar Error Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics Social Media Top Stories

The word “judgment” can be spelled with an “e” in the middle if you’re British. Trump is not. The word is misspelled in the middle of a tweet attacking someone else’s “brainpower.”

Ah, the irony.

Trump has been called out on Twitter for misspellings and grammatical errors before. Chrissy Teigen caught some pretty hilarious errors, which were later deleted from a the GOP nominee’s Twitter account in July.

Trump’s tweet misspelled the word “waste,” using the incorrect “waist” instead, and used the wrong version of “their.” Teigen’s response was perfect.

Trump and his crew also had to delete and rewrite the cruel and insensitive tweet that Trump posted about the murder of Dwyane Wade’s cousin, in which the NBA star’s first name was misspelled. Trump had all that time to reconsider politicizing the death of a mother of four and yet decided to retweet it to cover his spelling error, but not his stupidity.

For a hilarious take on how Donald Trump’s campaign staff devises those horrible and idiotic tweets, see video below:

Featured image via Flikr by Mike Licht available under a Creative Commons license