BREAKING: Polls From DEEP RED South Carolina Released, Results Are UNPRECEDENTED! (STATS)


Hillary Clinton may be on her way to blowing right past Donald Trump in this presidential election, according to some polls taken in recent weeks. She may have taken the deep red state of South Carolina and turned it blue, making big waves and spelling trouble for Donald Trump.

In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll Clinton was shown to have been tied with Donald Trump in South Carolina with them both holding 46 percent levels of support. A Feldman Group poll was also conducted for the S.C. Democratic Party, showing both candidates neck and neck at 39 percent approval. If Clinton manages to take the state from Trump, it’s going to most definitely be over for him in this race.

Earlier polls taken in South Carolina showed that Trump had a lead between two and four points over Clinton. These recent results proving that she is gaining ground on him should have him worried, but they probably don’t. South Carolina hasn’t voted blue since 1976, so that should say a lot about how Trump is viewed overall.

The results are based on a massive online survey where nearly 16,000 potential voters in the upcoming election were contacted. The results also predicted 295 Electoral College votes going toward a win for Clinton, compared to 171 for Trump. Donald Trump needs to get his lead back among the deep red state voters or he doesn’t stand a chance at all in this race.

Featured Image via Getty Images.