Donald Trump Jr. Sends Campaign Into Shame Spiral After This Insane Tweet (TWEET)


Well this is simply ridiculous. This week, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted an absurd internet troll’s claim that Hillary Clinton has a “contract” with prominent polling firm Public Policy Polling for the firm to slant the polls in her favor.

Um, okay. That would be perhaps more believable, if, perhaps, polls conducted by Public Policy Polling were unique in what lead they showed for Clinton.

The problem is that PPP polls showing Clinton in the lead aren’t unique, not in the slightest. Poll after poll after poll, from pretty much every single major polling firm, shows Hillary Clinton with some form of a solid lead over Donald Trump Sr.

And the polls come on the heels of effectively every single major long term model showing the exact same thing — Hillary Clinton is far ahead of Donald Trump in terms of chances of winning the election. Current estimates give Trump a well under 10 percent chance of winning the presidency were the election to be held today.

With such a crushing defeat looming for the Trump camp, the utter desperation required for Donald Trump Jr. to retweet the claim that Hillary Clinton is paying off Public Policy Polling is understandable.

The internet troll responsible for the wild claim, to be found at press time under the Twitter handle of @mongo_ebooks, accompanied his tweet with an image that supposedly showed an email from the Clinton campaign that threatened to break off the contract with Public Policy Polling if their polls didn’t start to show a wider Clinton lead.

If you think that the troll’s image shows an actual Hillary Clinton campaign email than you should share whatever you are high on with everyone around you and stop being so stingy, because you are ever so conveniently out of your mind.

Check out the so-called email image below.

And below, check out the image showing, up in the top left corner, the text above the same tweet saying, “Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted.”

and behold

Yeah, that’s right. This nonsense that magically appeared out of what is likely simply a spam or a prank account was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

Again, there is no basis to the claim whatsoever. As “Andrew Repogle” notes in the comments to the original tweet, there is no email to be found with even close to the same content as that pictured in the tweet.

A further telling conversation transpired in the comments to Trump’s tweet.

If you really don’t think that “it’s not a photoshop please do not libel I have lawyers” is a joke then there is nothing else to say besides have fun wasting your vote on Donald Trump’s joke of a presidential campaign.

Featured Image via Tasos Katopodis/ Getty Images.