Trump Campaign Enter Panic Mode After Obama Talks These BIG Republicans Into Voting Hillary


It seems mind-blowing, but Donald Trump was absolutely devastated when President Barack Obama talked five top Republicans into voting for Hillary Clinton. The bigger problem is that members of the GOP are bailing left and right away from their presidential candidate. Unfortunately, it gets even worse.

Trump had a bad weekend. Sure, he invited former KGB and current President Vladimir Putin’s Russian hackers to violate U.S. national security. Sure, he stomped the gold star Khan family into the rock hard ground, after their viral speech at the DNC [Democratic National Convention] last month. But apparently, the fallout never occurred to The Donald.

President Obama gave a spectacular speech at the DNC, perhaps, the best speech of his life. That is when the Republicans really began to sit up and take notice of the dramatic, wretched difference between the two parties, according to Real Time Politics.

The GOP convention had the air of a last-minute traveling carnival. Yes, there were some exciting moments, such as Trump’s rock star entrance amid smoke and shadows. But the Trump show was poor in comparison to the DNC.

President Obama brought President Ronald Reagan’s and President George H.W. Bush’s speech writer and current editor of Commentary magazine John Podhoretz into the Democratic fold. He said:

‘I was on the [RNC] convention floor for tonight’s roll call. And I have to report I have never seen nor experienced a more subdued, less enthusiastic nominating moment than the one just now for Donald Trump.

‘When the crowd cheered, it cheered listlessly. There was little buzz and no energy in a crowded atmosphere that usually crackles with hope and expectation.’

Conservative writer for The Resurgent Erick Erickson said:

‘Again, I must ask a simple question: If Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton to win, what exactly would he do differently?

‘Nothing that I can think of.’

Tim Miller, former presidential candidate and governor Jeb Bush’s spokesperson said:

‘I’m working to ensure that Donald Trump is not the nominee. I made an effort for Jeb to be the nominee, and my focus is now on ensuring it’s not Donald Trump.’

Then, there is Republican strategist, managing Director of  and former Director of Strategic Communications at the very conservative Heritage Foundation, Rory Cooper. He responded to Trump’s tweet, “African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!” by tweeting,

‘Again, I’m supposed to stop my moral preening and fall in line behind this, I’m told.’

Editor of the conservative journal “Commentary” Noah Rothman also jumped ship. He wrote:

‘So here they [Trump followers] are: supporting a candidate pitching Marco Rubio’s immigration plan but without Rubio’s charismatic ability to sell it to voters. Republicans who backed Donald Trump wanted all or nothing when it came to immigration, and they will get nothing.’

When President Obama gave his powerful speech, he looked right into the Republicans’ minds and hearts and asked them how they could possibly vote for Trump. During that speech he just spilled the naked truth right out before the GOP. Trump is unfit to be president. He said:

‘What we heard in Cleveland week wasn’t particularly Republican. And it sure wasn’t conservative.’

Check out the video below of President Obama’s spectacular speech, where he claims that Trump is unfit to be president:

Featured Image: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera via Flickr, Creative Commons License, modification.

H/T: Real Time Politics.