WATCH LIVE: R&B Star Chris Brown In Armed Standoff With California Police (VIDEO)


Long disgraced music star Chris Brown is in an armed standoff with California police after a woman reportedly fled his home at around 3 AM this morning and alerted authorities that she was in danger.

The woman has just been identified by TMZ as Baylee Curran, who is a recent beauty pageant title holder, having recently been named as Miss California Regional 2016.

A report from TMZ suggests that the woman and the singer got into an “altercation” in which Brown pulled a gun- but there is an opposing report that states that no such altercation took place.

The altercation was reportedly over a piece of jewelry, with Brown getting upset and reportedly pulling the weapon after he saw Curran “admiring” whatever exactly the piece of jewelry was.

Police currently have the singer’s home surrounded and are reportedly awaiting a search warrant for his home.

In the meantime, within the past few hours the singer reportedly “threw a duffel bag” out of one of the windows of his “multi-million dollar” home which contained “a gun and drugs.”

Reports state that the “Robbery and Homicide Division” of the local police department is on the scene.

Once the warrant is issued, it remains to be seen whether or nor the singer will comply with the officers’ subsequent demand to enter his home.

The singer took to Instagram earlier today as a portal to vent his frustrations over the incident to the outside world- and to promote his new single.

Check out two of his posts below.


Back in 2009, fellow international song star Rihanna suffered a brutal beating at Brown’s hands. Since then, Brown has claimed that he has been working to “turn his life around”- but today’s incident isn’t the first time that he has had a run-in with the law since the incident with Rihanna.

Watch live coverage of the standoff below. Be sure to check back as this is a rapidly developing story.