BREAKING: The Supreme Court Just Put North Carolina’s Governor On Blast (DETAILS)


The United States Supreme Court has just struck down the state of North Carolina’s plea to have its previously struck down voter ID law reinstated before November’s general election.

The decision was close, and comes ambiguously in a one sentence ruling with absolutely no explanation.

The one sentence reads:

‘The application to recall and stay the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, presented to the Chief Justice and by him referred to the Court, is denied.’

The lack of explanation may be explained by what is next noted in the document, namely that 4 of the 8 sitting Supreme Court Justices were in favor of granting North Carolina’s request.

With such a division, however, no conclusive ruling could be reached. Thus, the Supreme Court’s denial of North Carolina’s request to have backing to reinstate its controversial voter ID law came as a compromise, one designed in order to be able to actually deliver a timely ruling.

The ruling is featured in a tweet from Huffington Post reporter Cristian Farias below:

North Carolina’s law was struck down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in July- after it was already in force for North Carolina’s presidential primary- with the following noted by the Washington Post at the time of the ruling:

‘Voting rights activists scored legal victories in key presidential election states Friday, the most important being a federal appeals court ruling that North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature enacted new voting restrictions in 2013 to intentionally blunt the growing clout of African American voters.’

Voter ID laws have taken a spot in the front of the national conversation this election season, as both the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries were hotly contested, with opponents of the winner on each side claiming voter suppression on the part of political elite.

Indeed, the claims are not without significant merit.

Heck, a Republican leader from Wisconsin effectively confirmed the purpose of the tough voting regulations beloved by Republicans across the country while speaking back on the night of Wisconsin’s presidential primary.

With the primary season over, Republicans are turning to legislated voter suppression like North Carolina’s law in a last ditch attempt to salvage some kind of hope for their party.

Those who are kept from voting by laws requiring you to bend over backwards to actually get to cast your ballot are most often poor or of a minority community- both categories of people who most often vote Democrat.

Thus, keeping these people to vote is a corrupt strategy to help Republican candidates, candidates who up and down the ballot are seeing pathetically low chances of scoring a win.

According to the Supreme Court, however, such a strategy will definitively not be allowed.