Racist TV Superstar Directly Threatens Kaepernick During UNHINGED Tirade (VIDEO)


Tomi Lahren, a racist news reporter for The Blaze, is at it again. Lahren is well-known for her racist rants against Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance earlier this year, in which she denounced her for being anti-police and racist. She also bashed actor Jesse Williams’ BET awards speech.

Now, this angry white woman is commenting on the actions of NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who recently protested against racism towards African Americans when he refused to stand during the national anthem. Lahren said:

‘Colin, I support the First Amendment, I support your right to freedom of speech and expression. It’s this country, the country that you have so much disdain for, that allows you the right to speak your mind and protects your right to be a whiny, indulgent attention-seeking crybaby.’

She admits that “our country isn’t perfect,” but asked Colin what he has done to make it any better. So, in other words, she is saying that she does understand the reason of his protest, she just doesn’t care. She said:

‘What’s your contribution? Sitting there like a fool? What’s selfish is you, buddy. And what’s your message to black kids, to people of color? That their biggest contribution to justice and self-fulfillment is to parade around with a chip on their shoulder like a victim?’

She then shames him for “blaming” white people for the problems of minorities, and thought that he should be more grateful, since he was adopted as a baby by a white woman after being born to a 19-year-old white woman:

‘Colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems in the minority communities? After all, aren’t you half white? Didn’t two white parents adopt you after yours weren’t willing to raise you? For a racist and horrible country filled with racist and horrible white people, that’s really something, isn’t it?’

Lahren suggested that Kaepernick should decline his paycheck, since the owner of the 49ers was white, and that he should be more appreciative of his white fans who buy his merchandise and pay to watch him play.

She then asks what changed within his 6 year career to make him want to sit now, and wanted to know how he was oppressed.

The airhead news reporter then rambles off reasons why she thinks black people would be oppressed, by saying:

‘Is it because the black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites? Or the homicide rate, or the dropout rate, or the percentage of minority communities on food stamps?’

Lahren then says that we’ve had a black president for almost 8 years now and a black woman in charge of the Justice Departmen. She then closes by saying in part:

‘Where does the buck stop? When will those in black communities take a step back and take some responsi-damn-bility for the problems in black communities. Because it seems to me, blaming white people for all your problems might make you the racist.’

Check out the Disgusting rant Tomi posted below:

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.