Trump Makes BIG Mistake Coming to DEEP BLUE Seattle, Residents TROLL Him Mercilessly (TWEETS)


If Hillary Clinton’s numbers are up in key swing states, what the heck was Donald Trump doing in Everett, Washington, on Tuesday? Shouldn’t he head out for Ohio or Florida instead?

Top Republicans are seething, but Democrats are enjoying a good laugh.

The fact is, the GOP candidate has no chance of taking Washington state. None. Voters there re-elected Barack Obama by 15 points in 2012 and went blue in the six presidential elections before that.

Meanwhile, data whiz Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight gives Donald Trump a scant 3.9 percent chance of winning the Evergreen state.

If Donald Trump wants to win the election, he needs to focus on the battleground states (yellow in the map below). Unlike Washington state, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio are still up for grabs. The Pence-Trump campaign can also consider light-blue and light-red states with narrow margins like Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, and Missouri.

So what was Donald Trump doing in Washington state?

Many cannot fathom why the alleged tycoon held that rally in Washington state. Vox’s Matthew Yglesias pronounced Donald Trump’s schedule “odd.”

Amazed Twitizens also wondered why Donald Trump would even bother.

Perhaps his boundless ego has something to do with it.

The GOP candidate may be delusional as well.

In any case, many folks find Donald Trump’s appearance in Everett hilarious.

Donald Trump’s campaign went to great lengths to make it look like he had a huge turnout. Perhaps they hoped to make him look like less of a fool. One video from around 2 p.m. showed the line winding around an entire block.

And another tweet from 7:19 p.m. — as the rally began — claims the line backed up for several blocks.

But some sharp-eyed folks noticed that the long lines belied the many empty chairs. The Xfinity Arena has 10,000 seats. So if it’s really half empty, that means only around 5,000 showed up. That’s a decent crowd but nothing compared to the 30,000 orso who turned out for that Bernie Sanders rally back in March.

And although Washington State’s Donald Trump fans turned out in force, so did the anti-Trump protesters.

Donald Trump’s Washington event isn’t the only bizarre thing on his schedule.

Meanwhile, the GOP can’t get over the Donald’s bizarre schedule. RealClearPolitics reports Everett, Washington isn’t the only detour he’s taken to visit places that give him no political boost whatsoever.

‘[Donald Trump’s] schedule has again raised eyebrows this week, with a rally Tuesday in Austin, Texas, and another Wednesday in Mississippi. Both states have favored Republicans consistently for decades and are expected to land in Trump’s column.’

Campaign spokesman Jason Miller lamely explained:

‘In Texas we wanted to highlight border security to a larger audience, and in Mississippi we wanted to present Mr. Trump’s message to the state and nationally, which is a sharp contrast to the napping, vacation style that Hillary Clinton is bringing to the campaign trail.’

The campaign also insists some rallies were tied to fundraising events, and claims events in Trump-friendly states create a sense of excitement. Ex-Rep. Jack Kingston, a Trump adviser even told reporters:

‘Having a backdrop in a friendly state is sometimes a good thing as a candidate. Whether he’s in Texas or Virginia, he’s still talking to the entire nation.’

But Matt Mackowiak, a GOP strategist from Austin, declared these non-essential rallies are a waste of time.

‘What he’s not realizing is, there’s a cost to everything you do. Every additional rally gives you a chance to create a controversy or make a mistake. I can probably think of eight or 10 things that would be a better use of his time. Debate prep, policy briefings, meetings with staff. Literally, taking a nap would be a better use of his time.’

Wait until top Republicans hear about Donald Trump jaunt to meet with the president of Mexico.

Featured image: Bloomberg via Getty Images.