BREAKING: Powerful Congresswoman Accused Of Blatantly Cheating In Primary Elections (DETAILS)


As you’re probably aware, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D. Fla.) was just re-elected in the South Florida district. What you may not know, however, is that allegations of election fraud have just recently surfaced against the former DNC chairwoman.

After emails were revealed that showed Wasserman-Schultz favored Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Wasserman-Schultz is now being accused of corruption and aiding in her own re-election bid.

Wasserman-Schultz’s opponent, Tim Canova, who was backed by Sanders, has refused to concede and admit defeat, as he claims the election was rigged.

Canova, who got 43 percent of the vote, told the Sun Sentinel:

‘We’re fighting for American democracy. This is a rigged system and everyone knows it.’

According to Canova’s spokesman, Maurizio Passariello, there is an ongoing investigation into “apparent voting irregularities, including possible fraud.”

Canova went on to tell reporters:

‘I’ll concede that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a corporate stooge.’

Many Bernie Sanders supporters have accused Wasserman-Schultz of tanking the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist’s presidential bid. Wasserman-Schultz was the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman when the emails that showed the DNC favored Clinton were released.

According to the Observer:

‘A rigged debate schedule, defending Clinton in the face of an FBI investigation, shutting off voter database access to the Sanders campaign, and ridiculing young women who were disproportionately supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders are just a few examples of overt favoritism for Clinton exercised by Wasserman Schultz before the primaries even began.’

Documents released by WikiLeaks prove Wasserman-Schultz violated the DNC charter.

The leaked emails show that DNC staff discussed how to deal with Sanders’ popularity and the problems that it posed to Clinton’s candidacy. The documents prove Sanders was never treated as a probable candidate, but merely an obstacle in the way of Clinton securing the party’s nomination. The DNC actively worked against Sanders in an effort to ensure Clinton became the Democratic presidential nominee.

Further proving their vendetta against Sanders, DNC Deputy Communications Director Mark Paustenbach sent an email to DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda saying:

‘Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess.’

Another leaked document shows DNC Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker favoring Clinton in an email sent to several DNC staffers. Walker discussed Sanders’ lead in the polls during the Rhode Island primaries, writing:

‘If she outperforms this polling, the Bernie camp will go nuts and allege misconduct. They’ll probably complain regardless, actually.’

According to the Associated Press, Wasserman-Schultz won 6,775 more votes than Canova, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

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