JUST IN: One Day After Leaving, Trump gets In WILD Twitter War With Mexican President (TWEETS)


Trump bragged that his meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto was “productive” and called the head of the country Trump has maligned for more than a year a “friend.” That all seems to have fallen apart in just one day after that meeting.

The GOP presidential nominee insisted that the meeting went well and that there was no discussion regarding which country would pay for a massive wall on the border of the United States and Mexico as a method of ending illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug trafficking.

Trump has promised his supporters that Mexico will pay for that wall. He fails to mention how he plans to make that happen or who will pay for the deportation task force, detention centers, surveillance technology, and 24-hour patrol of the entire wall that Trump has also promised.

Nieto responded on Twitter, telling followers that what Trump said was untrue.

‘At the start of the conversation with Donald Trump, I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.’

Trump has never been one to let a chance for a good Twitter fight to pass him by, so of course he responded shortly afterward.

Nieto asserted, once again on Twitter, that this is not going to happen.

‘I repeat what I told you personally, Mr. Trump: Mexico will never pay for a wall.’

Of all the insanity that has come so far out of the Trump campaign, watching a United States presidential candidate argue with the head of a foreign country on social media has got to be the single craziest moment of this campaign. Donald Trump being responsible for our foreign policy is one of the scariest thoughts in the world.

For the full press conference with Donald Trump and President Nieto, see video below:


Featured image screengrab via YouTube