NY Daily News Blasts Trump’s ‘Mexican Crap Dance’ With This Historic Cover Photo (IMAGE)


The New York Daily News has never been very fond of corruption in politics — to put it lightly — and the publication’s Thursday treatment of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Wednesday visit to Mexico is no different.

Thursday’s New York Daily News cover proclaims in gargantuan, all capital letters: “MEXICAN CRAP DANCE!,” before going on to mention exactly how Donald Trump basically got his ass handed to him by the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto.

One of the cover’s subtitles reads: “Trump, foreign leader exchange vapid praise, jabs.”

“Vapid praise” puts it nicely. The “vapid praise” covers for the fact that Trump got a big dose of “we aren’t going to stand for your bullsh*t” from the Mexican people and president on his visit to the country.

Trump apparently wanted the visit and meeting with Pena Nieto to make it seem like the candidate is somehow ready for the job that he supposedly wants as president of the United States. Trump wanted to appear professional, presidential even, and he wanted it to seem like the wild ideas that he has spewed day after day in the United States could stand up to global scrutiny.

Trump’s plan didn’t work. He left Mexico looking like an utter fool, after making absolutely no real presentation of any of his so called ideas to the Mexican president or people.

As the second subtitle to the NY Daily News cover states, “Don: ‘didn’t discuss’ who’d pay for his dopey wall- but Pena Nieto insists he said NO!”

Indeed, shortly after Trump’s meeting with the Mexican president, he tweeted that who would be responsible for the financial backing of his beloved wall “wasn’t discussed.” That was only one of many other points of policy that weren’t discussed.

The Mexican president soon reiterated, however, that he had asserted to Trump, as he has all along, that Mexico will not pay for Trump’s wall.

Check out the full NY Daily News cover blasting Trump below.

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And all of this nonsense continues to catch up to the Republican nominee, with him losing even more support from right wing Hispanic leaders after his follow up speech back in the United States after he made it back from Mexico.

The debacle of Trump’s visit to Mexico only confirms what seasoned observers have been aware of all along — the Trump presidential candidacy is a joke. Now, we all just need to keep it that way and not let the man anywhere near the White House.

Featured Image is via Ralph Freso/ Getty Images.