Trump Issues Insanely Defiant Statement In Response To Mexico’s President Calling Him A Liar (VIDEO)


‘Are you ready?’ Donald Trump asked the cheering crowd in Phoenix on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, the media and the Twitterati braced themselves for what the Trump-Pence campaign touted as his big speech on immigration.

Donald Trump briefly seemed to soften his stance on immigrants. Even his disastrous meeting with Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto earlier that day was hailed by some as a good move. The alleged tycoon must have figured there’s no way in hell he can win over minorities and chosen to return to his base of angry, mostly older white people. Or maybe he didn’t like having the president of Mexico call him a liar.

The hearts of GOP leaders still hoping Donald Trump can win sank as he declared:

‘We will build a great wall along the Southern Border…And Mexico will pay for the wall.’

Mein Trumpf went on to describe how that wondrous wall will be a “tall, powerful, beautiful Southern Border Wall” with all the “best technology.” But we won’t hurt anyone. We’re just going to “catch and release” them back to Mexico a “long distance” away so they can’t return.

Donald Trump then doubled down on his deportation stance. In his speech, he announced that undocumented immigrants seeking legal status would need to leave the U.S. and return legally.

‘You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country. Can’t do it. … Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation.’

This means Donald Trump would target more than 6 million people for immediate deportation, as a detailed report by Jose DelReal lays out in the Washington Post. Wait, make that six million and one. The GOP candidate and his seething mob want to deport Hillary Clinton, too.

In addition, Donald Trump replied to Beyoncé’s VMA performance  by bringing his “angel moms” on stage. These are allegedly just a few of the “countless Americans” who are “victims of violence” by undocumented immigrants.  ABC fawningly reports:

‘One of the most emotional moments of the event came when Trump called up a group he dubbed his “Angel Moms,” made up of parents of Americans who were killed by “illegal immigrants.” They each addressed the crowd and said when and how their child or spouse was killed.’

Watching Donald Trump’s speech in Phoenix is enough to almost — almost — make Democrats pity the floundering GOP. They’ll likely remember August 31 as the day Donald Trump lost Republicans the White House and possibly Congress for years to come.

Watch: Donald Trump doubles, triples, and quadruples down on his anti-immigration stance at a rally in Phoenix.

Featured image: Ralph Freso via Getty Images.