Trump’s VP Pick Caught In Bigoted Tirade, Demands NO Gay Journalists (DETAILS)


Donald Trump may insist that “the gays” love and agree with everything he says, but he cannot deny that his running mate’s conservative views and extreme anti-LGBTQ background are shockingly homophobic and hateful.

In a right-wing think tank journal entitled Indiana Policy Review, for which Mike Pence was both the president and a contributor for several years in the 90s, some of Pence’s more extreme views are written for voters to see. One such article from December of 1993 entitled “The Pink Newsroom” is especially terrifying. In it, Pence argues that LGBTQ folks shouldn’t be allowed to work as journalists without being forced to identify themselves as gay publicly, since their LGBTQ status would surely create a conflict of interest when writing about politics.

Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention in which he promised “to protect LGBTQ citizens” means little in the face of choosing a man to be a heartbeat away from the presidency who once wrote things like this:

‘As we understand the nature of both the political and scientific debate, the demand is that gaydom be elevated from a pathological condition or mere sexual preference to the status of one of the several natural human divergences like hair or skin color.’

In case anyone missed it, Mike Pence wrote that being gay is a “pathological condition,” or a mental illness. Did Donald Trump really believe “the gays” would be okay with that?

In another article from October-November 1996 entitled “What If They Held A Convention and Nobody Came?: Misunderstanding the Lessons of 1992 and 1994,” Pence slammed the RNC’s inclusion of LGBTQ speakers and persons who tested positive for HIV at the convention. He would have preferred better television ratings, he said, rather than see the Republican Party acknowledge that AIDS had been a death sentence for those who contracted it and that the disease was still at epidemic levels.

‘Whether the elites in the media or the GOP like it or not, traditional pro-family conservatives make up the bedrock of modern electoral Republican success. And to the point here, they make up the majority of the potential audience for a GOP convention, as well.’

Like his hero, Ronald Reagan, Pence would prefer that Republicans simply ignore that AIDS was killing people at terrifying rates and that too little was being done to help. As long as a significant percentage of those people suffering and dying were gay, Republican voters didn’t care about it and were disgusted by those who were sympathetic…disgusted enough to tune out during their political party’s convention.

As if Pence’s horrifying record on LGBTQ rights in Indiana weren’t enough, these articles show that his personal views would present a conflict of interest for him should he have to serve in any position in which he would be required to represent all United States citizens.

For more on the record of Pence’s anti-LGBTQ politics, see video below:

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