Rachel Maddow Calls Trump’s Campaign Manager A LIAR Live On Air, Campaign FURIOUS!


Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new campaign manager after the recent shakeup of his failing bid for the presidency, appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show on Aug. 24, 2016. Maddow now says that one of the answers Conway gave to a particular question she was asked, which was clearly given as a way to dodge Maddow’s tough question, was actually a boldfaced lie.

The MSNBC anchor asked Conway during her appearance on the show about news reports that Roger Ailes, former CEO of Fox News who left after numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault came to light, is now serving as an adviser to Donald Trump.

Maddow explained last night that:

‘That was in the news, Roger Ailes advising the Donald Trump campaign, and so I asked the Trump campaign manager on this show about it. And now I’ve got a problem with the answer that she gave me.’

Conway was asked specifically about a reported meeting between Ailes and Trump on Aug. 14. The Washington Post and the New York Times both, along with numerous other outlets, reported that the meeting took place and that the meeting’s purpose was for Ailes to prep Trump for the upcoming presidential debates. Conway’s response was this:

‘No. He’s not a formal or informal adviser. They’re old friends. I mean, he’s Donald Trump. He talks to a lot of people.’

Maddow then asked if the specific meeting on Aug.14 at the Bedminster Golf Club actually took place. Conway dodged the question.

‘I was not there on August 14th, so I didn’t see who was or was not there, but I will tell you that they’re old friends and they, you know, they talk. I’m sure they talk […] but he talks to many different people from every side of the aisle.’

It was a fair enough answer at the time. Conway had not officially begun working for the Trump campaign on Aug. 14, 2016. She didn’t begin working officially as Trump’s campaign manager until Aug. 17.

However, there’s slightly more to the story than that. Maddow explained that, by the time Conway appeared on her show, multiple news reports stated that she had been present when Trump met with Ailes. The reports simply had not been printed yet on the day Conway appeared.

Unless all of those new reports are false, and it seems as if Trump would have responded or demanded a retraction if they were untrue since he has a tendency to threaten the media with lawsuits, Conway had attended one of the regular Sunday meetings between Ailes and Trump by the time she answered that question.

Maddow told viewers last night that:

‘We asked Kellyanne Conway and the Trump campaign about this. If they’re not asking for corrections for all those other places that are reporting that Ailes is on the campaign, then that must mean those reports are true, in which case Kellyanne Conway lied to my face, in which case I would like to have that cleared up. We haven’t heard back from them. The moment I do, I will let you know.’

See Maddow’s full report below:

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