BREAKING: Clinton Vs Trump National Poll Released, Numbers Show DRAMATIC Shift (STATS)


A new national poll released Sunday by Morning Consult is showing that Donald Trump may be closing the gap on Hillary Clinton’s lead this week. According to the poll results, Clinton is ahead of Trump by two points, with 42 percent to 40 percent.

The poll results also show Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson with 9 percent support and Green Party candidate Jill Stein with 4 percent support. There are still 13 percent of people polled showing as not having an opinion or not knowing who they are voting for yet.

A poll by the same group, released only three weeks ago, showed Clinton ahead of Trump by seven points. The next week, her lead dropped by one point, with Clinton at 44 percent to Trump’s 38 percent. A poll released last week again showed her lead drop to only 3 points ahead of Trump.

After Trump’s week of meeting with the president of Mexico and his active campaigning geared toward various other Hispanic leaders, opinions of him haven’t really changed. Questions that were asked in the poll show that Trump’s stance on immigration hasn’t really swayed voters either for or against him. Hispanic voters still favor Hillary Clinton by a wide margin over Trump with Clinton at 61 percent support opposed to only 21 percent support for Trump. That number changed — barely — with Clinton gaining three points from the prior week.

Voters have shown that they aren’t nearly as concerned about immigration as they are with job security and the national safety level, but it is still a concern they have that may affect their voting. On average, people do want to see an end to illegal immigration and a system put in place to stop it. It hasn’t been as easy for lawmakers to figure that out, and so there are concerns and some confusion with voters on the issue.

Perhaps Trump’s ideas about building a wall could actually be why he is gaining on Clinton, even though the wall will probably never really happen, even if he does win the election.

With this pattern going and only 64 days until the election, Clinton may want to get something figured out before she sees herself trailing behind Trump.

Featured Image: Getty Images