BREAKING: Jimmy Carter Stuns America, Makes MAJOR Cancer Announcement (DETAILS)


Just one year ago, President Jimmy Carter announced that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors gave him less than a year to live. President Carter handled the announcement on August 20, 2015 with the same grace and optimism he always has.

‘I have had a wonderful life. I’m ready for anything and I’m looking forward to new adventure […] It is in the hands of God, whom I worship.’

Today, one year and a handful of days later, President Carter has already beat the odds. Carter appeared at Habitat for Humanity’s 33rd Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project and updated everyone on the progress of his health.

‘I wasn’t sure I would be back or not. But luckily, here I am.’

Carter announced in December that his cancer was in remission. Today, that diagnosis still stands. Carter has been declared cancer-free at 91 years of age.

‘We still monitor my health every now and then.’

Carter said that the face he showed to the public was optimistic, but it didn’t match his true feelings, thinking he had only, “a few weeks left to live.” Fortunately for an entire world that President Carter helped make better, he is still very much alive and working for his charity organization, Habitat for Humanity.

Carter sat for an interview with Tanya Rivero in Memphis, Tennessee, where Habitat for Humanity is working on a new project, and showed that he is still the same involved, intelligent, and inherently kind man he’s always been. Carter spoke about the need for Habitat for Humanity and other affordable housing efforts, the 2016 presidential election, and his own presidential legacy.

Asked what he is most proud of from his legacy as president, Carter answered:

‘When I became president, the country had been at war all the time, a long time. And I pledged at my inaugural address that I would keep my country at peace and that I would honor human rights. So we went through four years, with a lot of help and a lot of hard work, we didn’t have any…launched any missiles, we didn’t drop any bombs, we didn’t fire any bullets. And we also maintained a high standard on human rights. And we were able to bring peace to other people, as well, like to Egypt and Israel, and to normalize relations with a former adversary, that is China, and so forth. So we tried to do what we have with Habitat and that’s to follow religious principles of peace and justice and human rights.’

See President Carter’s announcement from Atlanta, Georgia’s local 11Alive below:

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