Bus Driver Dumps Water On Latino Student & Demands: ‘Speak To Me In English!’ (VIDEO)


A school bus driver in Idaho will soon be collecting unemployment after a racist outburst towards a middle school student she was driving. The incident was caught on the cell phone of another student who was riding the bus that day, a student who claims this is pretty normal behavior for the angry bus driver.

Mary Black can be seen in the footage standing over the young boy and shouting at him before pouring a water bottle over his head. This after the bottle was thrown to the front of the bus and Black pulled over to begin accusing Miguel Martinez of throwing the bottle.

Brayan Alvarez shot the video from the back of the bus. He said, “she tried to take his phone away and when she didn’t get to do that, she just grabbed the water bottle and started getting him wet.” While this behavior is extremely disturbing, it’s what Black said to the Spanish speaking student that has people up in arms.

In the video, Black can be heard saying:

“I don’t understand Spanish. I’m not going to learn it. I live in America and it’s an English-speaking country. So if you want to speak to me, speak to me in English.”

Juan Espino is the father of another child who rides on Black’s bus route. He said this is nothing new, but this is the first evidence of Black’s behavior. He said, “he [his son] told me he was told by the bus driver that he was not allowed to speak in Spanish while riding the bus.”

Espino continued:

“When I talked to one of the other kids, he told me that when that took place the driver would turn, when something like that happened, the driver would turn the cameras off.”

“It’s not something that we wish for, and not something that I would want to, but there will be consequences in everything that you do in life will be consequences.”

After her employers viewed the video that had already gone viral, Black was fired immediately and is already facing public scrutiny as a result of her actions.

Video courtesy of KTVB: