‘Meet The Press’ Flies Off The Rails Today After Mike Pence Is Fact Checked HARD (VIDEO)


Indiana governor Mike Pence seemed less than loyal to the candidate who chose him as his running mate, Donald Trump, today.

When Pence appeared on Meet the Press today in an interview with Chuck Todd, he ran even further away from Trump’s incendiary policy proposals and his decision to hire the absolute dregs of society to advise him and run his campaign.

When asked about Trump’s immigration policy, Pence struggled to define what its implications will be. Chuck Todd asked, quite plainly, if undocumented immigrants who have been in the United States illegally for many years but have committed no other crimes will be deported under a President Trump. Pence never directly answered the question. Instead, he gave a circular, repetitive answer that explained absolutely nothing.

‘I think what Donald Trump laid out this week in Arizona was really a road map to end illegal immigration once and for all in this country. And for more than a generation, politicians from both political parties have been talking about ending illegal immigration, but I think what the American people see in Donald Trump is a man who, as president, will lead the effort to do that. And the 10-point plan that he laid out this week in Arizona really creates a road map to do that. It begins with building a wall, border security, it begins with enforcing the laws of this country, removing criminal aliens and removing those who have overstayed their visa, ending “catch and release,” strengthening our border patrol, strengthening immigration and customs, enforcement. Doing all of the kinds of things we’ve talked about…’

After a few more moments of Pence’s rambling, Chuck Todd finally became frustrated with the vague talk and asked,

‘Why can’t you definitively say what’s going to happen to these folks?’

Another round of verbal sparring went on between Pence and Todd for several moments in which the answer to the interviewer’s question was still no more clear.

‘Is it fair to say that you’re not going to answer this question about the 11 to 15 million? I say just you, but the campaign. You’re going to leave this as an open question throughout the rest of this campaign?’

Pence still never answered the question, he just continued to repeat the he felt Trump had been consistent in his message about illegal immigration.

See the complete interview, in which Pence sidestepped the questions about the leadership of Steve Bannon and the role of Roger Ailes in the Trump campaign, below:


Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.