Official Investigating Trump U Bribery Comes Forward & Drops MAJOR Bombshell (DETAILS)


Republican nominee and failed business owner, Donald Trump, is adding on to his schemes of sending America back into the Great Depression. His plans for ruining the economy begin with failed businesses, not paying laborers for their work, and continuing on to steal money from college students and not provide them with the proper tools and education to move on into the work force. While destroying America’s future, Trump blasts messages about “Making America Great Again” across the nation, though America may plummet if Trump wins this election.

The human scum known as Donald Trump has never had to live up to his actions, as each time a problem arises, he pays off the prosecutors with the money he embezzled from the working class. Amidst a lawsuit, Donald Trump schemed his way out of charges by paying off Attorney General Greg Abbot.

Unexpectedly, the $5.4 Million lawsuit was dropped. Former Deputy Chief of Consumer Protection John Owens found this to be suspicious.

At the time, Abbot was Owens’ boss and called him demanding he close the case immediately. Owens found it out of the ordinary that the Attorney General at the time, Greg Abbot, would have him drop such a case with so much background and evidence of the wrongdoings, so he made copies to take home.

He notes:

‘It had to be political in my mind because Donald Trump was treated differently than any other similarly situated scam artist in the 16 years I was at the consumer protection office.’

Once the case was dropped, students were left on their own to figure out a way to get their tuition back from the greedy hands of Donald Trump.

Upon dropping the case:

‘Trump gave donations totaling $35,000 to Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign three years after his office closed the Trump U case.’

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants nothing to do with this new information and has taken steps to stop Owens in his tracks.

According to CBS News,

‘Paxton’s office issued a cease and desist letter to former Deputy Chief of Consumer Protection John Owens after he made public copies of a 14-page internal summary of the state’s case against Donald Trump for scamming millions from students of his now-defunct real estate seminar.’

Trump not only steals money from the working class and takes money away from the economy, thus stunting its growth, he uses the embezzled money to get out of legal trouble. Trump has managed to pay his way out of multiple lawsuits and send America’s economy down the drain while pointing fingers at everyone else.

This is not the only time the failed business owner has paid his way out of a court case. Watch the video below for an eerily similar case!

Video courtesy of The Young Turks via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license