Voter Registration Taco Truck Heroically Begins Trolling Trump Headquarters, Campaign IRATE


Donald Trump’s inability to take any scrutiny has gone to a new level over the weekend as one of his campaign members began blaming liberals for over regulating taco trucks. This blame game comes to light after a taco truck popped up across the street from one of Trump’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

The taco truck, run by democratic councilmen, was a way to get more Americans voting this election season and served as a voter registration site. Rachel Campos-Duffy, during a segment on CNN Sunday morning, adamantly claimed Trump should not be mocked for the whole taco truck incident, but that the real problem is liberals.

She states:

‘Liberal policies have always over-regulated food trucks, What people want to know is who is going to help people start businesses, let them grow, become financially independent. Liberals over-regulate these kind of small business owners and conservatives help them achieve their dreams’

Because as any American knows, having regulations on food and restaurants is only to spite business owners, not to lessen the chance of getting a food related illness. As with anything Trump related, the Democratic party is at fault and liberals make up food regulations and restrictions out of the cold, hate-filled ventricles of their hearts.

Campos-Duffy continues on to say:

‘What I think is really interesting is that taco trucks really are the ultimate symbol of American entrepreneurial capitalism, And I think what people want to know is not what some first-time surrogate fumbled, what they want to know about is who is going to help people who want to start taco trucks.’

Campos-Duffy’s sudden extreme care for taco truck owners is baffling, as Donald Trump has spread hate and ignorance his whole campaign. At one point, Donald Trump’s ignorance hit a new level when he announced he loves Hispanics as he was photographed eating from a taco bowl. All while he constantly claims immigration is the root of all of America’s problems and he will be the one to put an end to it.

The whole taco truck debacle increased taco truck sales as it shed light on the ever-growing business. While Donald Trump and his hoard of followers claim Liberals are crushing food truck owners’ dreams and giving them strict regulations for fun, food truck sales are skyrocketing as teasing Trump makes headlines across the nation.

Watch the interview below!

Video Curtesy of Raw Story via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license