BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Has Frightening Medical Scare During Campaign Event (VIDEO)


On Monday, in Cleveland, Ohio, while on stage at a campaign rally Clinton was hit by a coughing fit that she tried to talk her way through. She managed to get out quite a bit between coughs and was able to finish her speech.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said:

‘Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.’

‘One I get over my allergic reaction, let me say we’re here in part because we know how important this election is to Ohio. It’s just as Tim said that Ohio is one of those battleground states you hear about every four years, it’s that Ohio represents everything that’s great about America and all the challenges and opportunities we face.’

After all of the rumors of Hillary Clinton being seriously ill it’s no surprise that social media was quick to jump on the footage of Clinton in the throes of a coughing fit. Several response articles have shown up around the web.

You can watch the full clip of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton coughing in the video below:

Featured Image via Screen Capture