BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s Post White House Plans Revealed, Liberals Rejoice! (DETAILS)


The soon-to-be-former President and First Lady Obama could both be looking at a stupendously successful book deal upon their departure from the White House in January, according to People Magazine.

As the Magazine writes:

‘President of the United States isn’t the highest paying job in the world, but Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle can certainly consider using their experience at the White House to cash in.’

The exact dollar amount of the worth of this not certain, but likely book deal isn’t unknown.

Literary agents told the New York Times that the Obamas could rake in between 20 and 45 million dollars from post-presidency memoirs.

In this light, Raphael Sagalyn of the ICM/Sagalyn Literary Agency told the Times:

‘His is going to be easily the most valuable presidential memoir ever. And I think Michelle Obama has the opportunity to sell the most valuable first lady memoir in history.’

Publishers, on the other hand, who might have a better view into what sells and what doesn’t sell, put the expected dollar value for at no more than 20 million dollars combined for the Obamas, with 12 million or so going to Barack and 10 million or so to Michelle from their respective works.

The soon-to-be-former First Lady has long made a name for herself as a serious force to be reckoned with in the political and social circles in which she operates, and this force is reflected in the massive potential inherent in any post-presidency book projects that she might pursue.

Most recently, Michelle Obama gave what many — if not most — observers of the 2016 Democratic National Convention believe was the most inspiring speech of the convention, calling out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the effect that the normalization of his behavior is having on the children of the United States.

This address came after 8 years of seeing Michelle Obama work in program after program for U.S. children, from promoting education to proper nutrition.

Barack Obama, for his part, has overseen a turning point in America’s history, seeing the nation out of the recession that marked the end of the Bush and 9/11 era.

In other words, the success of a post-presidency literary endeavor wouldn’t simply fall out of thin air for the Obamas. Rather, both members of the sitting First Couple will bank long after they leave the White House on an impressive list of accomplishments.

Below you can watch a People Magazine video segment about some of First Lady Obama’s achievements while in the White House.

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