JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Vs Trump Hypothetical Polls Released, Results Are INCREDIBLE! (STATS)


The presidential candidates from both of the major political parties have stunningly low favorability ratings. Hillary Clinton has just a 41 percent favorability rating compared to Donald Trump’s 37 percent. The American voters do not seem overwhelmingly pleased with either of the two major political choices they’re being presented in this election.

One former candidate who has dropped out of the race, however, is enjoying an upsurge in his current standings.

2016-09-05-08_19_52-Bernie-Sanders-Favorable-Rating-Polls-HuffPost-Pollster JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Vs Trump Hypothetical Polls Released, Results Are INCREDIBLE! (STATS) Election 2016 Politics
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Bernie Sanders’s approval rating is currently higher than President Obama’s was on the day before he was reelected in 2012.

Public Policy Polling says that, in fact, Trump is winning more of the crossover votes because of the continued support of Bernie Sanders by Democrats who are undecided as to who they’ll vote for in the presidential election as a result of their negative view of Hillary Clinton.

‘Trump’s actually getting more crossover support with 10 percent of Democrats to Clinton’s 7 percent of Republicans. That’s partially because of some Bernie Sanders fans continue to hold out from giving their support to Clinton — among Democrats and independents with a favorable opinion of Sanders 79 percent are voting for Clinton to 7 percent for Trump, 3 percent for Stein, and 2 percent for Johnson with 9 percent remaining undecided. If Clinton could even win over just half of those folks her support would go up to 4 percent and give her an 8-point lead.’

Even worse than Clinton’s and Trump’s favorability ratings are their unfavorability ratings. Fifty-six percent of American adults view Hillary Clinton unfavorably, which is an increase of 6 percent over three weeks in August, compared to 63 percent who view Donald Trump unfavorably. These numbers are nearly unprecedented in modern presidential elections, so much so that ABC News called Clinton and Trump “the two most unpopular presidential candidates in polling dating back more than 30 years.”

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has the highest approval rating of any U.S. senator. In his home state of Vermont, 83 percent of his constituents view him favorably while only 13 percent hold a negative opinion of the Independent congressman. He leads the popularity rating of the second-most popular senator, Susan Collins (R-ME) by a whopping five points.

Sanders’s high favorability rating today has some pollsters saying that if Sanders were the Democratic candidate instead of Hillary Clinton, polls indicate that he would have won the presidential election over Trump in a veritable landslide.

For more on the current unfavorability ratings of the two major presidential candidates, see video below:

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