JUST IN: Trump Campaign Makes MAJOR Debate Announcement (DETAILS)


Donald Trump said in a recent Twitter video that only a hurricane or another natural disaster could prevent him from debating Hillary Clinton in all three scheduled upcoming presidential debates this fall.

During the video, filmed on his private plane by reporters, when asked whether he intended to participate in all three presidential debates, Trump replied “as of this moment, yeah.” When reporters pressed him on what, if any, factors could prevent him from debating, the Republican nominee replied, “Hurricanes, natural disasters,” with a wry smile.

“I expect to do all three, I look forward to the debates,” Trump added. He also said he believes he has an “obligation” to debate Clinton, and called the debates an “important element of what we’re doing.”

Trump told reporters in the same video that he will not use mock debate sessions to prepare for the debates. “I hadn’t planned on it, I never did it before,” said Trump. Candidates frequently conduct these sessions with a different person to stand in for their opponent. Trump, however, has rejected such conventional measures, instead opting for looser sessions over cheeseburgers and hot dogs with advisors like Roger Ailes and Rudy Giuliani.

Trump’s reluctance to switch over to a more orthodox debate preparation approach makes a lot of sense. The reality show star is used to speaking off the cuff, and has appeared wooden and stilted during recent appearances where he’s read from a teleprompter. Moreover, he utterly dominated in the Republican primaries, using the same lack of tactics. Presidential debates, however, are a different animal, where Trump can expect to be grilled endlessly about minute aspects of policy. It’s a setting Hillary Clinton will excel in, and don’t think that she’ll be leaving anything to chance, either. The Democratic nominee has enlisted psychology experts and former Trump employees to provide a window into her opponent’s psyche and attack weak points.

Watch the full video below, via Twitter.

Featured image is a screen capture from the video.