Malia Obama Seen Walking Around With Controversial T-Shirt, Republicans FLIP OUT (IMAGES)


Ever since Malia Obama was caught smoking what could only be a marijuana cigarette, or joint, at the Chicago Lalapalooza music festival, conservatives heads have been spinning. That image surfaced right after news broke that Malia would not be going straight to college, but would instead be taking a year off.

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

On Sunday, the 18-year old was spotted again at the Budweiser Made in America music festival, and this time she was sporting a white t-shirt that said “smoking kills.” This could be a deliberate move by the Obama’s to try and take the high ground or repair any damages conservatives may have incurred by viewing images of the grown woman puffing on a joint.

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail UK
Image courtesy of The Daily Mail UK
Courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

This time, the much less threatening version of the president’s daughter wore a baseball cap for her alma matter, Harvard, which she will be attending next year, and managed to smoke nothing while in attendance. This, however, hasn’t stopped Republicans from taking out their hatred for President Obama on his children. Twitter users can always be counted on for their intellect, and below are some examples: