Prominent Republican Attacks Daily Beast Reporter, Threatens Her With Rape (IMAGES)


Early Monday morning, Mike Krawitz, an avid Trump supporter and a Republican candidate running for a place on the Township Committee in West Deptford, New Jersey, told Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi that he hopes somebody rapes her.

Krawitz made the vulgar comments on Facebook, and Nuzzi took screenshots and posted them on Twitter.

Krawitz was commenting on an article that Nuzzi had shared about Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples. The GOP candidate did go back and delete his comments, but not before both Nuzzi and another Daily Beast reporter, Brandy Zadrozny, who actually wrote the article that offended Krawitz so deeply, took screenshots.

Nuzzi’s followers did not take kindly to Krawitz’s offensive remarks. Below are screenshots of just a couple of the follow-up comments that Krawitz received.

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A quick glance at Krawitz’s Facebook profile reveals how ardently he supports Donald Trump. The first six photos displayed on the page all feature the Republican presidential nominee, and his timeline is chock-full of pro-Trump and anti-Clinton articles. His profile also reveals that he is single, which, based on the comments he left on Nuzzi’s post, is not surprising. In general, most people don’t want to date someone who wishes for other people to get raped.

Comments like Krawitz’s reinforce the fact that the problem with the GOP is bigger than Donald Trump. Even if Trump loses the election, which is likely, there will still be people like Krawitz out there, people who think they have what it takes to hold a public office and think that it is acceptable to leave a comment saying they hope someone gets raped.

There is a reason that many prominent Republicans have decided to abandon their party altogether, and, again, that reason is not Donald Trump alone. The Republican party is evolving into a party for bigots, and those who are still willing to listen to and see reason want out. Libertarian National Committee Chairman Nicholas Sarwark has called the GOP “fundamentally broken.”

Speaking to the Salt Lake Tribune after Utah Senator Mark Madsen decided to leave the Republican Party, Sarwark said:

‘After the disaster that we saw in Cleveland, in which a party that was once storied has nominated a reality show star for president, where the convention chairman’s cutting off the microphone of a sitting U.S. senator, it’s broken. It’s fundamentally broken and it’s dying.’

The GOP is dying, and people like Mike Krawitz are helping to speed up the process.

Featured image via Facebook.