VINDICATION! FBI Fully Exonerates Hillary Clinton Of All Charges, Liberals Rejoice! (DETAILS)


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has insisted time and time again that her use of personal email during her tenure as Secretary of State was “allowed,” despite the media reporting otherwise.

Watch Clinton herself explain below, via YouTube:

Critics have pointed to a report from the Office of the Inspector General that confirms the former First Lady was never actually given permission to use a private server to send government emails, and that she never even attempted to seek permission to do so.

‘OIG found no evidence that the Secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to conduct official business via a personal email account on her private server.’

The same report from the Office of the Inspector General went on to voice its concern over personal email use, stating that had Secretary Clinton asked to use the server in such a way, she would have been denied permission.

However, recently released FBI documents note that Hillary Clinton herself has been right this entire time in claiming her use of personal email “was allowed.”

Page 11 of the FBI report states the following:

‘While State policy during Clinton’s tenure required that “day-to-day operations [at State] be conducted on [an authorized information system],” according to the REDACTED the Bureau of Information Security Management, REDACTED there was no restriction on the use of personal e-mail accounts for official business.’

In an attempt to draw attention to the portion of the report that many journalists have ignored, Mediaite noted that all along Clinton has claimed she “was allowed” to use a personal server for government-related emails. If you watched the clip above, her intentions were never ill from the beginning. The former Secretary of State merely wanted to use one device for personal email as well as work-related email.

Throughout this entire scandal, known as “Emailgate,” all Mrs. Clinton has done is claim she was allowed to use one device to send personal as well as work-related emails. And now, even the FBI has confirmed she was right, and that “there was no restriction on the use of personal e-mail accounts for official business.”

Time and time again, the media has set out to villainize Hillary Clinton for merely choosing the convenient route of using one device instead of two. We’re all human. When we’re busy — especially someone serving the country as Secretary of State — we look to the simplest solution that enables us to get our jobs done in the most efficient and effective manner. Yes, Clinton admits that in hindsight, she likely would have just chosen to use two devices to save all the trouble. That’s probably because she never anticipated her innocent actions would be labelled a “scandal” by the media.

Instead of looking blaming a busy woman for choosing convenience, maybe we ought to turn our attention to the real problem: a racist orange-skinned blabbermouth with absolutely no qualifications for occupying the highest office in the land.

Feature Image via YouTube screengrab.