BREAKING: Largest WaPost Presidential Poll EVER Taken Shows MASSIVE Electoral Landslide


The Washington Post recently conducted its biggest poll ever for the 2016 presidential race. The results were stunningly one-sided.

Using a massively large sample of more than 74,000 registered voters who were asked between Aug. 9, 2016 and Sept. 1, 2016 who would get their vote for the next president of the United States, The Washington Post found that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has a huge lead in electoral votes.

2016-09-06 14_50_10-New poll shows how Trump-Clinton matchup is redrawing the electoral map - Washin
Image via The Washington Post

On the road to 270 electoral votes, the number required to secure the election for the presidency, Clinton is already far ahead of Trump. With only 126 electoral votes now, just eight short weeks before the Nov. 8 election, Donald Trump would need something close to a miracle to win.

Those miracles are not happening, even in many states that have historically been held by Republicans. Arizona and Georgia have traditionally been red states, but Georgia shows Trump in a dead heat with Clinton, and Clinton leads Trump by a single point in Arizona.

The biggest surprise state, however, is Texas. Although the Longhorn State has not voted for a Democratic president since Jimmy Carter in 1976, the Washington Post shows Clinton leading Trump in Texas.

Of the traditionally Democratic states, Clinton is winning by as much as 90 percent among Democrats in 32 of them. Trump is only winning 90 percent of the Republican vote in 13 states.

2016-09-06 14_53_14-New poll shows how Trump-Clinton matchup is redrawing the electoral map - Washin
Image via The Washington Post

Analyzing the results along a racial and gender divide also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Clinton does better among nonwhite and female voters, while Trump’s supporters are more in the white, male category. Trump’s biggest barrier, however, is among educated voters.

Although Mitt Romney led the vote among white, college-educated voters over Obama by a margin of 56-42, Trump has lost that ground for Republicans.

‘So far in this campaign, Clinton has dramatically changed that equation. Among white college graduates, Clinton leads Trump in 31 of the 50 states, and the two are about even in six others. Trump leads among college-educated whites in just 13 states, all safe Republican states in recent elections.’

For more on the results of this poll, see they video below. For the full analysis by the Washington Post, including interactive poll results, click here.

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