Elizabeth Warren Hits Trump HARD Over Hillary’s Health Conspiracy, Internet ERUPTS!


As if there were no other more important issues to harp on, conservatives have been having a heyday with Hillary Clinton’s recent cough attacks. Decidedly, they’ve all come to the conclusion that we should be concerned with the health of the Democratic presidential candidate’s health in lieu of the upcoming election.

Lucky for Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren has come to the rescue, shooting down all the attackers with questions and concerns she has about Donald Trump’s health and the hypocrisy of his entire campaign.

At an event held on Labor Day, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a few messages for Donald Trump’s surrogates and their various health conspiracies against Hillary Clinton. She made a point to address the fact that they are pressing an issue where there shouldn’t really be one, and they’re being hypocritical when it comes to their own candidate’s health.

“I just don’t get this, Have they looked at their own candidate and are they worried at all about getting more information about his health? Or how about more information about his taxes? Or more information about his business dealings, both domestic and international?”

When Trump was questioned about his health, he made public a doctor’s note that was a little less than professional looking, claiming that if elected he will “be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” The note was ridiculed by practically everyone who read it, including various other medical professionals.

After Sen. Warren delivered a speech at the Labor Day event, she spoke with reporters and hammered home her point.

‘Right now we need a lot more information from Donald Trump. We need a lot more transparency.’

The issue of Trump refusing to release his tax returns has been a long, teeth-grinding battle that he and his camp have won so far. They have done so much ducking and dodging on the subject when it’s been brought up, it’s been put on the back burner for now.

His business dealings have been an issue from day one. He began his run as the non-politician, the wealthy business man who will bring change to the economy, only to be hit with the backlash of concerns from the public and media about the shady dealings within his businesses and his strange friendship with Vladimir Putin.

Until Donald Trump and his campaign stop throwing stones at Clinton and dodging them when they’re sent back, Sen. Elizabeth Warren will remain vigilant in her role as attack dog against them.

Featured Image: Getty Images